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The Orlando Economic Partnership commemorates Economic Development Week

The Orlando Economic Partnership is celebrating Economic Development Week from May 6 to May 10, 2024 by unveiling significant economic impact metrics and innovative initiatives

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Orlando, FL – The Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) is proud to announce the upcoming Economic Development Week, scheduled to take place from May 6-10, 2024, showcasing the vibrant economic landscape and ongoing growth in the region. 

To mark this celebration, the OEP is releasing its latest economic impact numbers, highlighting seven years of substantial growth and investment to advance Broad-based Prosperity® in the region. Since its inception, the OEP has supported 185 business projects, resulting in the creation of more than 25,500 jobs and attracting more than $3.1 billion in capital investments. With a total payroll exceeding $3 billion, these figures underscore the critical importance of transformational economic development and how it is essential in shaping the trajectory of our region’s future.  

As we reflect on our collective achievements during Economic Development Week, we must ensure the region is even brighter for generations to come by continuously evolving and adapting to the ever-changing economic landscape.

Tim Giuliani, President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership

“Through partnerships with our government leaders, businesses, academia, and community stakeholders, we can identify opportunities, overcome challenges, achieve long-term prosperity, and build an economy that works for all,” Giuliani said.

The tangible impact of transformational economic development can be seen across the Orlando region. Over the last 18 months, nearly half a billion dollars in state and federal funds have been secured in Osceola County’s NeoCity to grow the region’s semiconductor industry and reshore advanced manufacturing. The regional coalition is focused on prioritizing workforce development to create a talent pipeline and provide residents the opportunity to learn and gain quality careers within the semiconductor industry. 

The OEP recently partnered with Lift Orlando to advance the nonprofit’s efforts to strengthen the Communities of West Lakes in the 32805 ZIP code. This collaboration harnesses the potential of investments in our region to strategically allocate resources where they are most needed and build neighborhoods so people can thrive.    

Economic Development Week, created in 2016 by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the largest international professional trade association for economic developers, aims to increase awareness for local programs that create jobs, advance career development opportunities, and improve the quality of life in communities everywhere.  

The OEP has collaborated with government partners in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties, as well as the City of Orlando, to officially declare May 6-10, 2024 as Economic Development Week in the Orlando region, highlighting the critical role of economic development in driving prosperity and innovation. 

To amplify the celebration, the OEP is launching social media videos from business leaders who share how they’re finding success in the Orlando region and fueling the region’s economy. The OEP is also showcasing the importance of economic development with billboards posted around the region, advertisements in local publications, and an op-ed focusing on the power of transformational economic development in Orlando.

The OEP has curated a toolkit featuring engaging content, social graphics, images, videos, and assets, providing stakeholders with the resources to join the conversation and showcase their support for Economic Development Week. Click here to access the toolkit.

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