Press Release

Anuvia Plant Nutrients Opens $98 Million Facility in Orange County

Manufacturer serves agriculture and turf markets

Orlando, Fla. – Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients welcomed residents, community leaders and business partners to its environmentally friendly, enhanced efficiency fertilizer production facility in Orange County during a grand opening event that included tours of the company’s state-of-the-art $98 million plant. The plant started production in April and has capacity to produce greater than 200 tons of product daily. Anuvia’s products include GreenTRX™ for the turf industry and SymTRX™ for the agricultural sector.
“The Grand Opening signals a new era organic material utilization and plant nutrient  technology,” says Anuvia CEO Amy Yoder. “Our technology is innovative, unique and sustainable. Organic materials are consumed and processed into a homogenous multi-nutrient enhanced efficiency product.
The technology is based on a novel slow-release delivery system called the Organic MaTRX™. “It is a natural and intuitive delivery system unlike any other. This mechanism mimics what happens with organic matter in the soil. It does not use any of the current coating technologies being used by other slow-release products.”
The Orlando Economic Development Commission assisted Anuvia™  in 2014 as the company worked to establish its location with a $70 million capital investment and the creation of 20 new jobs over three years.
The Zellwood, Fla. facility is the first site for Anuvia’s production facilities.