Dr. Mimi Hull, Psychologist and President of Hull & Associates, explains how her volunteer work in Orlando helped her develop skills to succeed as a woman in business.

Dr. Mimi Hull, president of Hull & Associates, fully licensed psychologist and recognized authority in the areas of team building, communication, leadership, board development, change management, strategic planning, time and stress management and personality insights, helps an array of businesses and non-profits build inclusive and collaborative organizations through consultation and training services.

In this edition of AWEsome Women in Orlando, Dr. Hull shares how her volunteer work prepared her for leadership roles in her personal and professional life and what tips she has for to help women to succeed in business.

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If you were introducing yourself to someone new, how would you describe your job, business and/or background? What’s your elevator pitch?

I am a fully licensed psychologist, speaker, and trainer specializing in the workplace and working with Boards, particularly in the arenas of team building and leadership development. I get people to work better together, reducing stress and resolving conflicts. One of my favorite tools to use, train and sell are DISC profiles.

What brought you to the Orlando region? What’s kept you here?

My husband’s first job out of law school was clerking for Chief Justice George Young here in Orlando. I stay because this is a community of conscience and a great place to raise a family.

What makes Orlando the right place for women in business? How does being in Orlando contribute to your business success or personal growth?

It is said that you learn a lot about a community by the first question that is asked. In Orlando, it is “Where are you from?” Because we are growing and have a steady influx of “new blood” to Orlando, we are not stuck in the mindset of “we have always done it this way…”

People in Orlando are willing to learn, grow and help. I have been the recipient of people caring and sharing ideas, perspectives, networks, and business and for that I am eternally grateful. In addition, because my work often takes me out of town, I appreciate both being in the center of Florida and having a great airport.

Who or what has influenced you in your career the most? Who would you credit for having helped you get to where you are today?

My father was the greatest influence on my career, instilling that I have a responsibility to “Do the best I can with what I have. ….and to help others to do the same.”

Through my volunteer service, including at the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, I have met several people with a diverse background. They have broadened my horizons, encouraging me to take leadership positions and grow.

While it is not a person, per se, my volunteer work in the Junior League of Greater Orlando prepared me for the roles that I have taken in my personal and professional life. “Developing the potential of women” is a part of the mission statement of the Junior League and I am living proof that the organization lives up to it.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I see my style as being supportive and inclusive. I work to listen and facilitate engagement within a team, being empathetic to each person’s individual goals and motivations so that each person can contribute. I welcome diversity as it gives me a different lens to be able to see things that I might otherwise miss and/or not appreciate.

Why is it important for you to be a member of All Women Empowered (AWE)? What do you hope to accomplish? What will it take to make that a reality?

My interest in women’s issues goes back many years. In fact, my dissertation was on “Counselor’s Perception of Sex Role Stereotypes.” As a more experienced woman, I have a responsibility to be sure that younger women can be empowered, grow and develop. As women, we are traditionally hard on each other and that needs to stop. We need to lift each other up and provide and share opportunities. This will be a reality if we work both individually and collectively to learn “what is out there” and who can best fulfill the needs of our community.  

What tips or best practices would offer to help other women succeed in business?

  • Give back! Volunteer. Help others to be successful.
  • Be positive! Accept setbacks and see them as learning experiences.
  • Keep learning! Our world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. If you don’t move forward, you will fall behind.
  • Ask for help. People are willing to help if they are asked.
  • Invest in yourself and your family. Schedule your personal time and treat it with the same respect that you give your best client.

The Orlando Regional Chamber, a core component of the Orlando Economic Partnership, recognized a need in the community to unify resources into a strategically coordinated campaign to propel women forward. All Women Empowered (AWE) is comprised of private, public, and nonprofit partners working to unify our community resources into a strategically coordinated campaign to propel women forward. AWE seeks to amplify stories of women’s initiatives, programs, women in business and women entrepreneurs in the region with a goal of providing resources and programs that equip women with the tools to build the future they envision. 

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