Filming in the Orlando region provides filmmakers with versatile locations, a year-round warm climate and top-notch, experienced crew. The Orlando Film Commission uses these strengths to foster productions to Orlando. Since the start of the fiscal year in October, the Orlando Film Commission has approved 205 permits and 425 production days, which are 103 percent and 142 percent of its yearly goals, respectively. Comparatively, there were 180 permits and 317 permitted production days approved at this time last year.

“We credit our success to our great local crew,” said Sheena Fowler, director of the Orlando Film Commission. “We also have supportive community partners that understand the importance of the industry and work to accommodate any and all productions that are properly permitted.” 

To- ate, for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, productions have brought in over $3.5 million to the Orlando region. Examples of Orlando productions filmed in this fiscal year include:

Working as the liaison between production companies and the city, county and state jurisdictions, the Film Commission is responsible for more than processing permits. Production requests often include working with law enforcement for crowd and traffic control; closing down streets with the help of public works and traffic engineering; coordinating with the parks department; securing spaces with the parking department; confirming production insurance requirements with risk management; and setting up supervision from the fire department for pyrotechnic effects. It is the Film Commission’s role to coordinate all of these efforts to make a “one-stop shop” for productions while also working to make the overall process as painless and un-complicated as possible for the local jurisdictions.

The Film Commission also maintains a crew and vendor database, manages a digital location library, markets the region as a premier filming destination and works to unite the production community within the region and state. 

This year, the majority of approved permits have been for commercial projects, which has long been the Orlando region’s strong suit. “Commercials have always been Orlando’s bread-and-butter productions,” said Fowler, “It’s more critical than ever we exceed our goals for commercials because of the upcoming sunset of the film incentive program in the state.”

The Orlando Film Commission is dedicated to supporting the production community to keep Orlando and the entire state of Florida competitive in the ever-evolving production market.