Orlando Economic Partnership President & CEO Tim Giuliani hosts LIFT Orlando Executive Director Eddy Moratin for a discussion on how business leaders can work to address the challenges related to systemic racism.

Where do we go from here?

In our previous episode of the C.E.O. Podcast, we focused on the region’s efforts to respond to COVID-19. In this second episode, we’re focused on another crisis – addressing the challenges related to systemic racism and how businesses, elected leaders, nonprofits and every day citizens can work together to ensure opportunities for everyone in our economy.

Eddy Moratin, Executive Director of LIFT Orlando

For this episode – called ‘Where do we go from here’ – I’m joined by Eddy Moratin, Executive Director of LIFT Orlando. As a community transformationalist, a man gifted in generosity, and a leader community with life-changing resources, Moratin works with business leaders and residents to help break the cycle of poverty in some of the most underserved and underprivileged neighborhoods in our region.

When I first witnessed, and felt, the deep anguish and disgust of George Floyd’s tragic and unjustified death – I wanted to talk to Eddy to see if he could help me, and others, understand the core of the frustration and anger felt by generations of Black Americans. Because, to be honest, as a nation, we’ve talked on the fringes of inequality, social bias, and racism for far too long.

It’s time to change that – to really change things.

This is C.E.O

For 20 years, Eddy’s life’s work has been to inspire and equip leaders to make a difference. He’s been a social entrepreneur, led purpose-driven organizations, mobilized corporate philanthropy in the interest of vulnerable communities, and he’s seen results. 

LIFT Orlando is reversing decades of disinvestment in the inner-city. Beyond housing, LIFT Orlando’s neighborhood investment strategy is based on the belief that the communities where we live shape our life outcomes.

Three years ago, the Orlando Economic Partnership refocused its mission to advance broad-based prosperity. That included rethinking economic and community development to create a region where all can pursue health, happiness and prosperity. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how the opposition of racism is fundamental to that mission.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings and Orlando City Mayor Buddy Dyer assist other community leaders in painting the initial strokes of a large Black Lives Matter mural on Rosalind Avenue near Lake Eola Park.

The Partnership has been exploring the data and these topics for several years now and in February of 2020 we invited our region’s leaders to provide an overview of the most pressing issues facing our community and outline steps to address them and affect real change. Those topics focused on affordable housing, transportation challenges and issues of health and wellness. The pandemic and the protests have accelerated the need to address these issues. 

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