Orlando-based creative agency is offering pro-bono marketing consultations to companies and organizations in the Orlando community.

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Big Vision is offering pro-bono marketing consultations to companies and organizations in the Orlando community.

“We’re all in this crisis together,” said Alyse Quinn, Big Vision’s Partnership Director. So far, the company has completed nine consultations in the week since the effort was launched. 

Currently, Big Vision’s sessions are focused helping companies address immediate marketing needs in order to drive business right away. The company plans to continue to scale its offering through consultations for strategic long-term planning and marketing technology guidance.

Some companies just need someone to speak with and get a fresh perspective on their strategy.

James Michalak, Marketing Director at Big Vision

Michalak is currently the primary consultant for the program. “Businesses are taking this time to rethink their marketing strategies and focus on more sustainable (and affordable) models.” This includes shifting their product focus to align with recent events and changing marketing messaging to be more sympathetic to customers, as Michalak writes in a recent article about where to focus in the changing frantic landscape. The article includes suggestions for how companies can re-assess their marketing strategies during the crisis.

“We’ve talked with companies who are completely changing the products that they manufacture, corporations that are launching all new startups and firms that are using this time to start new marketing efforts such as podcasts,” relates Quinn. “Companies are all taking different approaches to evolve their businesses, but there’s also many similarities in the challenges that businesses are facing right now.”

You can schedule a complimentary consultation using this link.

Three companies the firm has assisted so far include RumbergerKirk, Berman and Safeguard Global. In fact, as a result of the initial marketing consult with Big Vision, Berman rolled out a Disinfection Program to give companies access to on-site cleaning experts to provide full-scale, consistent disinfections that create a safer environment for people to return to work.

The company has been one of the CDC’s trusted partners tasked with disinfecting state and federal COVID-19 testing centers in Central Florida. Marty Berman, CEO of Berman’s 20-year property and facility management company shared, “’Big Vision’s marketing advice, and our resulting partnership, has elevated our business’ brand and marketing by creating valuable content people need right now like COVID-19 preparedness plans, offering quick turnaround disinfection services and free disinfection estimates for facilities at disinfect.withberman.com.”

RumbergerKirk, a leading litigation firm in the Southeast, has been working on innovative digital strategies for creatively communicating to stakeholders during and beyond the crisis.

Having Big Vision offer the pro bono marketing consult was such a great resource for me. As our firm was developing different ways to assist our clients during this COVID-19 crisis, having a sounding board of such a talented team to brainstorm ideas was incredibly helpful and inspiring.

Marisa Eubanks, Director of Marketing at RumbergerKirk

Pierce Brehm, Global Growth Advisor at Safeguard Global re-counted, “Partnering with Big Vision has been an incredible asset in the work I do at Safeguard Global. They took a consultative approach to understand my business and the challenges I face in serving my clients. From there, they gave me a wealth of insight as trusted advisors and connected me with their network. As the end result of their advice, they’re connecting me with the people I can help the most and saving me a ton of time in the process.”

Founded in 2014, Big Vision is a brand solutions company located in downtown Orlando. The company has worked with brands including RedBull, Orlando Sanford International, and Omni Fight Club.

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