GLESEC is offering complimentary immediate threat continuous testing free through May 31st, 2020 due to increased security threats during the COVID-19 crisis.


GLESEC is offering its Breach & Attack Simulation Immediate Threat Service for free through May 31, 2020 due to increased security threats during the COVID-19 crisis.

Companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats during the pandemic, especially as more employees and staff members work from home. The increase in remote work and usage of IT systems may be exploited by hacker campaigns. Companies not focused on cybersecurity during this time can easily overlook critical backdoors and opportunities for attacks. Hospital systems especially are vulnerable while they are overwhelmed with patients and unable able to focus adequately on security.

Now it is a critical time for companies to understand potential threats and plan to address them.

Sergio Heker, CEO of GLESEC

That’s why GLESEC, a local firm based in Central Florida Research Park, is offering its immediate threat service to companies for free.

GLESEC’s Breach & Attack Simulation Immediate Threat Service identifies “zero-day” attacks, or attacks that a company’s IT systems may not be capable of handling, in order to find the most immediate and significant threats to the company. As soon as a new immediate threat is detected, GLESEC runs a test to validate the company’s security measures. Attack vectors tested include email, web, endpoint and phishing. The audit also provides recommendations on how to remediate immediate threats. The continuous testing is entirely simulated with no actual risk to the organization.

GLESEC has provided free audits for several companies within the healthcare and banking sector as part of the COVID-19 Program. To sign up for this free service, fill out this form on the company’s website.

In order to activate, the company will need to provide a single agent that is deployed in a single workstation or server and an email account connected with the company. It takes just minutes for the simulation test to be up and running. The company will receive a notification from the GLESEC Orchestration Platform (GMP) and can then login to the platform to view the audit report as well as access the platform to see additional details for each of the simulated attacks with descriptions and recommendations for remediation.

Example of GLESEC report summary:

GLESEC summary 5

The service can be activated now for no cost and will continue to operate until May 31st, at which point the company can decide to keep the service at a cost or discontinue.

Established in 2003, GLESEC is an international cyber-security company assisting large and multinational clients address their business info-security needs. The company provides one of the most complete and extensive sets of managed security operations and intelligence services.