Orlando-based mobile app developer Echo Interaction Group can take a static image and use AR to create an eye-popping experience using video, animation or a 3D object.  

LionFish-AR-GIF courtesy Echo Interactive
Courtesy: Echo Interaction Group

From magazines that come alive with animation to mailers that include video messages, augmented reality (AR) applications are a gateway to another world of entertainment, information, and branding.  

Orlando-based mobile app developer Echo Interaction Group works with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses worldwide on 200+ iOS and Android apps, bringing their products and experiences to life for the end-user. The company can take a static image and use AR to create an eye-popping experience using video, animation or a 3D object.  

CEO Carlos Carbonell founded the company in Orlando in 2008, joining an ecosystem of companies in AR/VR in the City Beautiful that make up the MetaCenter™: the epicenter of developing the metaverse.  With designers, developers and project managers, Echo Interaction Group has thrived by not relying on Silicon Valley for workers, but drawing from Orlando’s deep tech talent pool – as well as its overall tech ecosystem. 

“Orlando is a collaborative region. The tech community is diverse, unified, welcoming, and consistent in its events. Orlando is a well-rounded, perfect environment to start and grow a company,” said Carbonell. 

Since its founding, the company has expanded its services from local to global clients on all types of technological solutions. The team has supported clients in industries from hospitality to government and municipalities through mobile app development, augmented reality experiences and app management.  

Augmented Reality  

Echo Interaction Group has helped companies increase engagement with target audiences by creating experiences to see products and content right in the user’s world.  

With a simple QR code, printed materials are no longer a singular experience. The company has developed AR content for clients like Orlando Health and Orlando Magazine. In a mailer to Walt Disney World cast members, an augmented video message from the Orlando Health concierge appears virtually to inform employees about open enrollment right on their kitchen table. For Orlando Magazine, readers can enjoy the publication in a whole new way – including an animated cover – making a more interactive experience.  

3D Object Placement  

This technology recognizes physical environments to display realistic 3D models of real-world objects. The interior design enthusiast can see how a new chair fits into their décor by using the power of AR to insert and manipulate objects in their home or office. Schools can celebrate school spirit by posing with their mascot around campus, as seen with Rollins College.   


Echo Interaction Group’s apps also bring education into the metaverse. Immersive experiences for the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center allow students to dissect a lionfish without lifting a scalpel. They can perform functions like measuring and weighing the fish. Another app for the Dairy Excellence Foundation allows students to adopt and care for a virtual cow, providing a rich hybrid learning environment. 

Artificial Intelligence  

With versatility and ingenuity, Echo Interaction Group’s services also include its artificial intelligence (AI) program: echoAssist. AI solves critical business challenges by leveraging machine learning to anticipate and react to consumer behaviors. The company creates intelligent tools by utilizing complex algorithms to improve consumer experience.  

Through echoAssist, Echo Interaction Group also creates custom content that interacts with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.  

For nearly 15 years, Echo Interaction Group has been providing the building blocks that help brands extend their reach into the metaverse right here in the MetaCenter™. Echo was also recently accepted in the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) business development program as part of a select category of federal small business contractors. 

To learn more about why Orlando is the MetaCenter™ of the Metaverse, visit themetacenter.org.