Two recent film projects shot in Orlando could earn Emmy Awards. The visual effects in “The Man in the High Castle” and the national “Love Has No Labels” public service announcement (PSA) received nominations from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. These Emmy-nominated productions put an emphasis on Orlando’s technical resources for film and digital media productions as well as highlight its inclusive culture.

“The Man in the High Castle” Season 2, now streaming on Amazon Video, was nominated for its Outstanding Special Visual Effects. Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, the series depicts a dystopian alternative history that illustrates life in America if Nazi Germany had won World War II. The Emmy-nominated visual effects were created by David Andrade of Theory Studios, an Orlando-based virtual animation company. Theory Studios was responsible for modeling, much of the texture work, animation, some lighting, and digital doubles. 

theory studios 3

The complex project consisted of creating full cities, replicating individual people into crowds of thousands, and more while also staying consistent with historical details. A large portion of the production was filmed at Orange Technical College, which hosts one of the largest motion capture stages in the Southeast (nicknamed “Big Mo”). Theory Studios’ unique and intricate work in “The Man in the High Castle” has brought light to Orlando’s film scene, nominating the Studio for a Visual Effects Society Award in addition to their Emmy nomination. View more of Theory Studio’s work in this video.

lovehasnolabels PSA 5

Shot during the NFL Pro Bowl, The Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” features diverse couples of varying race, sexual orientation, religion, ability, gender, and age on a kiss cam during the Pro Bowl in Orlando. The campaign spreads a message of diversity and inclusion that love has no boundaries across all types of relationships: friends, family, and lovers. The PSA’s compelling message went viral and its message was truly authentic because of the welcoming nature of the Orlando community. Orlando will host the ProBowl moving forward in its Camping World Stadium.

Film Orlando has been busier than ever this year, with 115 projects that amounted to 239 permits and 569 permitted production days. The economic impact on Orlando has already surpassed $4 million for local film spending this year. Other significant projects have included commercials for Dominos, Danimals, and the TV series Total Divas 7.

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