Lockheed Martin has a rich legacy in Orlando dating back nearly 70 years ago. The global security and aerospace company is looking forward to future growth and success, thanks in part to the region’s emerging tech hub, talent and education pipeline, partnerships with suppliers, and more. 

Lockheed Martin Orlando Facility

As Lockheed Martin solves some of the world’s toughest challenges, one thing remains simple for the aerospace and defense company: finding success in Orlando. 

“From the talent to industry partners and trusted suppliers, Orlando truly has it all,” Stacy Kubicek, Vice President and General Manager for Sensors & Global Sustainment, Lockheed Martin, said.  

Lockheed Martin’s rich legacy in Orlando dates to 1957 when the company purchased 6,700 acres of land. It established the plant in anticipation of increased activity at the rocket launch site at Cape Canaveral. The company has since evolved into different business models across the Orlando region. 

“After World War II, the company looked to transition from producing just airplanes to moving into producing missiles and rockets. Fast forward almost 70 years later and we are now a global security and aerospace company that specializes in innovative defense technology, as well as solving some complex challenges for our customers that are worldwide,” Kubicek said. 

Lockheed Martin has four business areas, with two of them having a large presence in Orlando. Its Missiles and Fire Control facility is where the company designs and manufactures precision engagement aerospace and defense systems for the U.S. and its allies. At its Rotary and Missions Systems facility, the company provides advanced training, including state-of-the-art simulations, to prepare service members around the world for some of their most challenging missions. 

Kubicek said Orlando’s proximity to the Space Coast and multiple military installations make it an ideal location for the company. 

Orlando is ideal, not only for the industry collaboration, but also for the healthy competition it inspires with the different aerospace and defense customers in the region for.

Stacy Kubicek, Vice President and General Manager for Sensors & Global Sustainment, Lockheed Martin

“This helps continually motivate us to keep our capabilities ahead of the need of our customers and the threats they’re facing on a day-to-day basis,” she said.

Kubicek adds operating in Orlando has helped Lockheed Martin attract highly skilled talent. Nearly 10,000 Lockheed Martin employees call Orlando home, saying the region and climate are attractive to people looking to further their careers while also providing an excellent quality of life. In addition, partnerships with higher education institutions are also fueling Lockheed Martin’s talent pipeline and creating a future workforce.  

“We have great partnerships with the University of Central Florida and Valencia College. They’ve enabled us to help shape programs focused on the very technology and skills that we need today, as well as into the future,” she said.  

From an industry perspective, Kubicek said Orlando provides opportunities for Lockheed Martin to collaborate with innovative partners and suppliers. 

“We’re currently working with more than 300 different suppliers through the region, which is impressive when you think about the reach that allows us to have across the entire area,” she said. 

On a personal note, since moving to Orlando last year, Kubicek said the region has been welcoming and offers something for everyone. 

“Whether you want to hop out to the beach for the weekend or you enjoy volunteering, you enjoy the city or the outdoors, there really is something for everybody here,” she said. 

As for Lockheed Martin’s future, Kubicek said the region’s emerging tech hub will play a role in the company’s growth and success. 

Orlando’s local tech hub is already developing the advanced technologies that we need in areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge computing.

Stacy Kubicek, Vice President and General Manager for Sensors & Global Sustainment, Lockheed Martin

“Continuing to focus on the technology piece, as well as the talent and education pipeline, leaves me very excited about the future of Lockheed Martin here in the Orlando area,” she said. 

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