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Innovative Military Virtual Reality Training Company HAVIK Expands to Orlando

The disabled veteran-owned and operated business chose Orlando due to its proximity to the simulation and training commands of all five military branches as well as the volume of simulation related defense contracts that annually flow through the region.

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A screen capture from HAVIK’s Joint Fires Trainer (JFT), which has been tested and approved by the nation’s most elite units. (Courtesy HAVIK)

Orlando, Fla. – HAVIK, a leading provider of fully portable, self-contained virtual reality training system for the U.S. Special Forces, military and allies, is expanding to the Orlando region. The disabled veteran owned and operated business founded by former Navy SEAL Bradley Denn is currently hiring developer roles and will showcase its innovative technology at the annual Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) at Orange County Convention Center November 29 through Dec 2.

“Orlando is clearly the top choice for a company looking to expand and work in the defense simulation space for years to come.”

Glenn D. Banton, Sr, COO at HAVIK

“In addition to hosting I/ITSEC annually, Orlando’s Tech Grove provides unique opportunities due to proximity with PEO STRI, AFAMS, and NAWCTSD,” said Glenn D. Banton, Sr, COO at HAVIK. “Orlando is a robust tech community with many events centered around AR/VR technology and HAVIK is excited to be a part of the cutting edge of this emerging industry. With its investments in the industry, Orlando has become the location driving the ecosystem.”

Founded in 2019, the company was designed by Special Forces operators to meet the highest standards demanded by those in the field. HAVIK’s Joint Fires Trainer (JFT) has been tested and approved by the nation’s most elite units. By working with end-users, HAVIK developed a robust feedback system with rapid deployment of requested capabilities. Unlike legacy dome simulators, which can cost over $2 million to deploy and operate and require expensive infrastructure and personnel to maintain, HAVIK’s JFT is the only man-portable, accredited, virtual reality JTAC simulator in the world. Its hardware system fits into a pelican case that can be easily moved from point to point by one person, takes less than five minutes to set up, and does not require any network or other infrastructure to function.

HAVIK stands out from typical government contractors because it operates similarly to game developers. While its business team is primarily composed of prior startup leaders and Special Operation Forces veterans who know what customers want and speak their language, the company’s software development team consists of game designers and developers from some of the biggest gaming properties of the last decade, including Battlefield, Madden, and Need for Speed. Further evidence of this is the company’s plan to develop expansion packs of downloadable content for additional training requirements within the U.S. military.

“We are changing the way of thinking about virtual reality battlefield simulators,” Banton said. “Our core product allows us to bring the same award-winning graphical fidelity, interoperability, and multi-player experience to meet the growing demands required for warfighter readiness. Systems should be mobile and be focused on interoperability. There shouldn’t be restrictive infrastructure costs, or full-time staff requirements to operate them. HAVIK has proven this is possible, and our journey has just begun.”

HAVIK chose Orlando over other potential landing spots such as Central Texas or Northern Virginia for its internationally renowned reputation as the modeling, simulation and training industry, which creates the ideal foundation for HAVIK’s next phase of growth.

“Growth and adoption have been exponential, and we anticipate more than doubling revenue in 2023,” Banton said.

“Being in Orlando, the nerve center of this industry from both a company and talent perspective, allows us to compete with industry leaders in ways we never thought possible.”

Glenn D. Banton, Sr, COO at HAVIK

On an annual basis, $6 billion in modeling, training and simulation contracts flow through the region – many commissioned for the Army, Air Force and Navy simulation command centers, which are stationed in Orlando. Due to the cluster in simulation and defense, the region is home to top players including Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman, just to name a few. And thanks to organizations like the National Center for Simulation and TEAM Orlando, the region is an ambitious playground for collaboration between academic institutions, business partners and military defense organizations.

“This is America’s true ‘Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow’ and I look forward to seeing HAVIK training the next generation of soldiers while expanding Orange County’s reputation as a global leader in augmented and virtual reality – the technology at the heart of HAVIK’s work.”

Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings

“Thanks to Orlando’s critical mass of large gaming, entertainment, modelling and simulation and immersive technology companies and related education programs and degrees, our region has become an internationally recognized technology hub and the MetaCenter™ of the Metaverse,” said John Cunningham, head of government aerospace with Unity Technologies and founder and president VR/AR Association Central Florida Chapter. “HAVIK’s innovation is a welcome addition to our thriving ecosystem, and I look forward to supporting them as they find new opportunities for growth and success here in the heart of the industry.”

Another reason simulation and training companies choose to operate in Orlando is the region’s growing STEM workforce and concentrated talent pipeline. Approximately 500,000 higher education students can be found within 100 miles of downtown Orlando. HAVIK has its choice of talent from Orlando universities offering specialized programs and certifications, including University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Institute for Simulation and Training, Full Sail University’s Bachelor’s Degree in Simulation & Visualization, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Simulation Science, Games and Animation program, and Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), a top graduate school for video game design where simulation is embedded in the curriculum.

“HAVIK’s presence in Orlando is another feather in Orlando’s modeling, simulation and training cap.” 

Tim Giuliani, Orlando Economic Partnership President and CEO

“Its decision to expand to our region shows that our reputation as a collaborative, supportive and competitive business environment creates the right opportunity for innovative simulation companies to find the talent and opportunities to achieve scale and success,” said Tim Giuliani, Partnership president and CEO.

HAVIK invites I/ITSEC attendees interested in learning more about their innovative products to visit their booth #1080 on the showroom floor.

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HAVIK Solutions is revolutionizing operator readiness with world-class immersive training.  HAVIK builds portable, high-fidelity training, planning and rehearsal systems leveraging legacy DOD systems with advanced modern gaming technology. HAVIKCore™ platform provides advanced communications, dynamic weather, high-fidelity 3D models (cultural/human/vehicle/aircraft), geospatially precise environments and system interoperability required to replicate the challenges of command and control. Expansion packs, including Joint Fires Trainer, enable optimized operator and role specific training. HAVIK is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. To learn more, visit