The Orlando Economic Partnership welcomes AllGen Financial Advisors, the Orlando-based independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, and Co-Founder and Principal Paul Roldan, CFP® to the Small Business level of investment.

The “AllGen” in AllGen Financial Advisors’ name stems directly from its mission to promote financial wisdom to all generations in the pursuit of financial freedom through sound advice. By simplifying complicated conversations about financial issues, the firm takes a holistically client-centric approach to offering its services. As an RIA, AllGen is staffed by a diverse team of skilled advisors who put client interests first.

“AllGen operates on a fee-consultative model, where we get compensated for the advice we give. Everything is open and with full disclosure,” Roldan says. “We’re going against the grain in this industry. Most advisors and financial firms focus on retirees and the high net-worth individuals and many have minimums for accounts. And, while we serve many such clients, our passion is to see people grow, debunking the myths of finances.

“Finances are the biggest cause of stress in our country. That’s why we love educating and don’t have financial minimums for our service. We don’t turn anyone away. Anyone who’s serious about taking their finances to the next level we’ll engage and grow with them.”

Paul Roldan, Co-Founder and Principal, CFP®, AllGen Financial Advisors

AllGen Financial’s No. 1 core value is “people before profits,” which is clear when the firm is benchmarked against others in the industry. Because the firm is just as passionate about serving clients with accounts in the thousands of dollars as it is for high net-worth clients, it has a high number of clients given the total asset value it manages. As such, “we optimize our efficiencies and leverage our use of technology to serve the most amount of people possible as we pursue the fulfillment of our mission.”

In addition to teaching financial literacy to teenagers through a week-long summer program called “Common Cents,” AllGen’s commitment to community involvement is shared by its staff as well. AllGen Co-Founder and Partner Jason Martin serves on the board of the Orlando Union Rescue Mission Foundation. Roldan is Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando, Board member of YMCA and formerly served with Early Learning Coalition of Orange County and the Task Advisory Committee for Hispanic Business Initiative Fund (Prospera). 

“Orlando is such a diverse place. The environment and diversity are characterized by a culture of giving and engaging in the community.”

Paul Roldan, Co-Founder and Principal, CFP®, AllGen Financial Advisors

“Coming from New York, it’s a totally different culture. Orlando has much more of a sense of community and belonging. It’s such an awesome place to be because it’s where big companies and local mom and pop shops can both thrive. To bring that all together in the same community really creates dynamic energy and synergy for personal and professional success.”

Thank you to AllGen Financial Advisors for its investment in the economic and community development efforts of the Partnership and its support of promoting broad-based prosperity™ for the region.