Welcome Burns Engineering to the Corporate Council level of investment.

Burns Engineering is a firm that specializes in aviation, energy, infrastructure, education and transportation, a perfect organization to bring a holistic perspective to economic development discussions in which all of these elements are of vital importance.

Founded in 1957 with only three employees, Burns Engineering has grown over the last 60 years to become a differentiated professional engineering design and project management firm with nearly 200 employees. The organization prides itself on providing innovative and collaborative solutions that “Inspire. Create. Deliver.” on its large-scale infrastructure projects.

Director of Operations for the Southeast Region Bryan Mehaffey will serve on the Orlando Economic Partnership’s Business Development Committee, where he and his 25 years of experience will help provide strategic guidance to set goals for the Partnership’s business recruitment, expansion, and retention efforts.

Thank you Burns Engineering for supporting the Partnership’s mission of economic growth and community development to make this region a global leader in broad-based prosperity™.