Welcome Kirenaga Partners to the Partner level of investment with the Orlando Economic Partnership.

Kirenaga, a Japanese term used to describe the amount of sharpness of a sword or knife blade, was the inspiration behind this venture capital (VC) firm’s name and continually inspires their principle of staying sharp. They believe that a commitment to excellence will help them grow and generate returns for their portfolio companies, while creating mutual success and prosperity.

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Unlike some VC firms, Kirenaga considers themselves “business owners,” not just traders of assets. By recognizing an underserved but robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central Florida, they are able to choose from a plethora of companies that are run by subject matter experts who simply lack operational or managerial experience.

Working with primarily privately owned, Stage 2 Growth companies (<$25 million in revenue), Kirenaga targets those with the potential to grow up to 10x within 5 years. We are grateful to have their expertise benefitting this community and local managing partner Terry Berland’s active participation with the Partnership.