Uber, the leader in global ride hailing according to the ABI research firm, joined the Orlando Economic Partnership as a Partner level investor.

Founded in 2009, Uber services 75 million riders and employs three million drivers worldwide in 65 countries energizing the local economies, helping to reduce hazardous risks in/on our streets with safe drivers, and fostering a less congested environment.

Uber’s economic impact in the United States has been astronomical since its launch, with a gross revenue for all of Uber’s driver and delivery partners in 2018 of 11.3 billion. From its value-add to the lives of riders and drivers to employee earnings, to community spending, to increased mobility options, riders and drivers who use Uber are having a substantial impact on the economy in the United States.

With a mission “to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion,” Uber creates solutions that lead to enhanced quality of life, mobility and reduced costs. And plays as a major contributor to the safety, economic and mobile growth with its innovative ridesharing services spreading through Central Florida.

We appreciate Uber’s support of the Partnership’s mission to create high wage jobs and broad-based prosperity™ through the attraction, retention and expansion of businesses in the Orlando region. A special thank you to Stephanie Smith, Uber’s senior manager of public policy and their team of executives, who are valued assets to this community and champions of economic development efforts.