The Orlando Economic Partnership welcomes Verizon Corporate Resources Group to the Ambassador level of investment…


As the largest wireless provider in the country in terms of 4G LTE network size and number of customers, Verizon underwent a major customer-focused reorganization in April of 2019, separating its customer segments into a consumer group and business group to best focus on the different types of customers the global company serves. The Verizon Business Group serves customers in 150 countries.

Howie Waterman, corporate communications supporting Verizon Technology and Innovation, says Verizon Business Group, which serves small-to-medium sized business, enterprise, public sector and wholesale customers, could be considered a Fortune 100 company all by itself.

“The creation of the Verizon Business Group was our way of sending a very strong signal to the marketplace that we’re here to play and win in the business sector,” Waterman says. “Organizations of all sizes are going through their own digital transformation. Our expertise is using the latest technologies including 5G and helping our customers understand how deploy it to their customers.”

Part of that mix is Verizon Connect, the company’s connected commercial vehicle software group, which is the world’s largest provider of mobile resource and fleet management software.

“We’re proud to report that more first responders rely on Verizon than any other U.S. carrier,” Waterman says. “We also provide global IP network services in 2,700 cities across the world.”

“We are committed to giving companies the tools they need to shape the direction of change as we prepare to roll out 5G solutions nationally and internationally. Stay tuned.”

Howie Waterman, corporate communications supporting Verizon Technology and Innovation

Verizon is currently expanding its 5G network to 30 U.S. markets by year’s end, with a focus on public spaces where the most people can benefit, including 15 NFL stadiums, 3 NBA arenas and downtown cores.

Verizon expanded its presence in the Orlando region by establishing its Center of Excellence in Lake Mary in 2016, consolidate its accounting, finance and back office operations into a centralized hub with easy access to its clients from Orlando’s two international airports and commuter rail, SunRail.

Thank you to Verizon for its investment in the economic and community development efforts of the Partnership and its support for promoting broad-based prosperity™ for the region.