With one of the most rapidly evolving health and life sciences industries in the country, the Orlando region continually provides an ideal platform for launching innovative healthcare solutions. Recently, two Lake County doctors proved to be on the forefront of raising men’s health awareness by successfully reaching 320 million people worldwide through their third annual Drive for Men’s Health event.

Men’s health experts Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt andDr. Sijo Parekattil developed this unique approach to educating America after research indicated that the life expectancy for men is at least five years less than it is for women. Simple lifestyle changes, like implementing 30 minutes of exercise a day, can drastically improve health. By designing a drive event, the doctors spread their message to men across the country.

Drive for Men’s Health 2016 kicked off at the doctors’ hospital – South Lake Hospital in affiliation with Orlando Health. This year’s event featured the longest drive for the doctors, traveling for 10 days and 6,000 miles cross-country in an electric Tesla model S. Multiple stops were made along the way in major cities, where the doctors held fitness rallies, spoke to local news and radio shows and connected with audiences though social media using the hashtag: #DropYourExcuse.

In an effort to build a stronger connection with the guys, Dr. Brahmbhatt and Dr. Parekattil made steps to make their own lives healthier, losing a combined 90 pounds. Additionally, Orlando Health commissioned a survey to find the main excuses men give in regards to not seeing a doctor regularly. The top three excuses were – men say they’re too busy, they’re afraid of finding out that something might be wrong and they are uncomfortable with certain body exams such as prostate checks.

The entire Drive for Men’s Health team was proud of this year’s success and has started planning for next year’s event.