Solodev is offering free, easy-to-use tools to help small businesses add COVID-19 alert bars, hero banners and other resources to their website.

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Solodev’s COVID-19 Alert Banner

Local technology provider Solodev is offering free, easy-to-use tools to help small businesses add COVID-19 alert bars, hero banners and other resources to their website.

The toolbox includes:

  • COVID-19 Alert Bar – Create custom alerts at the top of your homepage instantly
  • COVID-19 Hero Banner – Add custom messages, links, and images to your website
  • COVID-19 Alert Modal – Include disclaimers and other details in a collapsible window

These tools are free, open source, and can be added quickly and easily with some simple “cut and paste” to a website’s HTML code. All the instructions are available for anyone with relatively basic HTML skills to add these snippets to their website’s code.

During a crisis, companies experience high volumes of traffic to their websites and often need assistance streamlining the process of updating their audiences on critical changes to their business. As customers and employees become more remote, the dependency on digital channels is expanding – and websites are becoming even more relied upon for news and information about COVID-19.

“What we hope – and have seen already from the response – is that businesses will be able to take greater control of their website as a crisis communications tool,” said Solodev Chief Digital Officer Matt Garrepy.

While large enterprises have ample resources for updating their websites, small businesses do not always have the capacity to pivot quickly in order to provide critical information to customers. These web tools can be instrumental at elevating awareness around critical messages like a business closure or safety updates, as well as revised operating hours at a store or restaurant.

By allowing these resources to be used on any website, our goal is to keep small businesses running by providing essential information around safety and operations.

Matt Garrepy, Solodev Chief Digital Officer

Over the past decade, Solodev has developed a set of simple yet effective tools that help cities and counties around the state of Florida to alert citizens during emergencies like hurricanes. Nearly all of the company’s Florida-based public sector customers – cities, counties, and school systems locally and around the state – rely on these same tools to alert their communities during a crisis. Time and again, these websites provide a central source of information about boil water alerts, safety hazards, road closures, and shelter locations for coastal communities.

Solodev’s resources make their client’s response faster on every level, so they can keep the public informed, save lives, and protect property. For example, LYNX, the Orlando regional local bus transit authority, is a current Solodev customer who utilizes the company’s built-in alert tools to update riders on changes to schedules due to COVID-19.

You can learn more and access the toolkit here.  

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Solodev is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner based in Orlando. The company provides cutting-edge cloud technologies that can help power websites during emergency events.