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Modular Prefab Construction Company Expands Manufacturing Facility in Orlando

SurePods, the nation’s leading pod manufacturer, fuels job creation and local revenue growth

Orlando, Fla. – Modular pre-fabrication company SurePods is expanding its facility in Orlando due to its rapid growth, nearly doubling both its workforce and operational capacity. The company is adding an additional 40,000 square feet to its 80,000-square-foot facility and planning to create over 60 new jobs. SurePods is the longest producing prefabrication (prefab) bathroom manufacturer in North America and concentrates mainly on commercial projects in the hospitality, healthcare and residential markets.

“SurePods’ prebuilt, modular construction methods are on the leading-edge of the construction industry,” said Toby Bartlett, Business Unit Leader for SurePods. “Our method of construction saves clients significant time in the construction process, allowing the general contractor to focus on other aspects of the development and increasing the overall safety and quality of the project.”

SurePods experienced increased demand of its services from 2019 to 2020, with revenue growth of over 50 percent. The company expects to grow revenue by a further 120 percent in 2021.

The construction community has been rapidly incorporating prefab and modular solutions into their projects over the past decade. Since COVID-19, the pace of prefab has dramatically accelerated due to its inherent benefits and safety, combined with the continued lack of skilled subcontractor labor availability across the country. Moving activity to a factory setting provides a controlled environment that delivers superior quality in a safer, easier to manage environment. Other benefits of SurePods bathroom pods include schedule acceleration, superior quality/workmanship, jobsite simplification, and project de-risking. Further, SurePods models all of their projects utilizing Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) principles prior to production start. This allows clients to visualize what they will be provided and directly ties into SurePods production process via translation of these digital models into robotics fabrication at the Orlando plant.

“I am pleased that SurePods is expanding in Orange County and growing their unique technology footprint in our community,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings.

Companies on the cutting-edge of modular construction industry, like SurePods, creates quality jobs for our community at all levels, and we appreciate their continued investment in our region.

Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings

The company partnered with KPMG to support its fast construction of its Learning, Development & Innovation Center in Lake Nona, known as “The Lakehouse,” which was completed in 2020. The enormous, 780,000 square foot high-tech facility was built in record time in part because of its use of SurePods’ prefab bathrooms.

“The Lakehouse in Lake Nona is one of the most technologically advanced training facilities and the construction of the facility was equally, if not more, innovative,” said Jay Althouse, Project Executive for DPR Construction, the general contractor for the Lakehouse project. “Using a prefabricated method for the bathrooms saved time, increased safety onsite, and allowed for a higher standard of quality during construction.”

SurePods manufactures its modular bathroom units from its Orlando facility and distributes to construction sites around the country, Canada, and the Caribbean. The jobs created by SurePods in Orlando encompasses work that would ordinarily have been completed on-site at construction locations in other markets.

The company originally chose to locate in Orlando because of the warm climate, friendly business environment, quality of the workforce and access to major highway systems with a surplus of trucking distribution options. SurePods established its Orlando plant in 2014 with 20 employees and has since grown to over 150 employees today.

Our Orlando location continues to serve SurePods very well with access to a skilled workforce, high quality of living for our associates, a friendly business environment, and an excellent distribution infrastructure.

Toby Bartlett, Business Unit Leader for SurePods

Founded in 2004 by three engineers, SurePods ships its products all over the country and has worked with numerous clients across North America including many of the top general contractors in the U.S and Canada. The company is an approved supplier for both Marriott and Hilton.

CNC machine 7
CNC Machinest. Photo credit: SurePods

A company like SurePods brings work and jobs to our community that would have formerly been done elsewhere.

Tim Giuliani, president and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership

“SurePods’ fast growth highlights the importance of investing in cutting-edge innovation, and the companies behind it, in Orlando,” said Tim Giuliani, president and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership.


About SurePods

SurePods is the North American leader of factory-built bathroom pods supporting commercial projects in the hospitality, healthcare and residential markets. Founded in 2005, SurePods is the longest producing modular pod company in the United States.

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