Darrell Andrews “Coach D”, president and chief passion officer of Darrell Andrews LLC and Associates, explains why he chose to invest in the Partnership and the importance of inclusive growth in the Orlando region.

Coach D’s background is in sales, marketing, training and development for Fortune 50 company Abbott Laboratories. After leaving Abbott, he started his firm with the same emphasis he had at Abbott, to provide motivational training and coaching to help integrate into corporate and organizational culture–team synergy, core values, leadership and self-care/wellness. He believed then, and still feels to this day, that most training leads to a momentary spike in energy but fizzles out shortly. By developing long-term systems of development inspired by staff and leaders, it becomes an integrated part of the culture-the rule instead of the exception.

Darrell Andrews LLC and Associates is made up of committed training and coaching professionals who are motivational-yet strategic. It provides a plethora of one-time virtual or live events. Still, most of its customers are long-term-looking to integrate the company’s innovative frameworks into their daily mode of operations. Darrel Andrews provides a systems approach to professional and leadership development that produces winning organizational cultures.

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Why did you choose to invest in the Orlando Economic Partnership?

I visited Orlando before the pandemic and knew then that I wanted to make it the central hub for our business. While here on a business trip, I met with the Leadership Orlando team and was impressed with the collective goals of business and industry in the area.

I was ready to write a check and begin, but COVID-19 changed all our plans. Once the pandemic lifted, we made the move, and I entered the offices of the Orlando Economic Partnership with check in hand. The decision was made before I showed up at the offices. If a company is going to become a part of a community, we need to invest in it. We hope that in doing so, we show our commitment to the Partnership and its members. We want to get involved, assist wherever possible, and build many new business opportunities and community partnerships.

How does being in Central Florida contribute to your organization’s success?

Orlando is growing by leaps and bounds. It is one of the main economic hubs in Florida. It is also an innovative and people-oriented region, and we are in the people business. A confluence of the two and the beautiful climate will help spur continued innovation of our services, leading to cutting-edge training, coaching, and consulting for our Central Florida customers.

Our company works nationally, but we desire to see most of our work locally. We conduct a plethora of training and coaching programs virtually. Still, with so many people going back to live, having a local business base will make it easier to partner with our customers in their organizational growth.

We are confident and desire to see this take place in Orlando.

What are you most excited for that is coming to the Orlando region?

Again, I love growth and innovation. I have been to Orlando many times on business and proclaimed years ago that we would be doing business here.

I am excited about the growth potential of our work here and meeting some fantastic new innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers. As a college graduate with a BS in Business Administration, and a Minor in Marketing, we were taught location, location, location. Orlando is, no doubt, a fantastic location.

One in which we hope to grow our work.

Lastly, are there any new and exciting developments in the pipeline for your organization?

Our “Empowering Self-Care Systems ” is our business’s fastest-growing area. With many organizations having recruitment and retention issues, trauma being a real-world issue for many companies and organizations, self-care is necessary. The challenge, however, is psychological; most people never embrace self-care because many see it as selfish or don’t have the time to. Therefore, companies invest in wellness programs, but people don’t participate and take advantage of the offerings.

Our system uses motivational training and coaching systems to help people place the “why” in self-care over six to 12 months. How means nothing-if; there is no why.

We train entire organizations, departments, etc., on our system, primarily virtual. Our customers are experiencing a renewed enthusiasm for self-care because we are training to system-and helping teams to motivate each other in their self-care journey. Our system will make self-care as integral as customer service, teamwork, and other areas of the company or organizational success. We work with established programs and organizations looking to start a self-care system.

Visit selfcareempowered.com for more information or to meet and discuss.

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