Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) celebrated the opening of their latest Tech Center, “Launch Site”, with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Mid Florida Tech campus. The new tech center will expand from the existing animation, programming and digital media programs at the OCPS Orlando Campus to focus on simulation providing both visual and programming learning tracks.

Orlando is known as the modeling, simulation and training capital of the world and is home to more than 150 companies, the acquisition commands for the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, the Air Force Agency for Modeling & Simulation, as well as 10 other federal government agencies and joint commands. With a history of being a world leader in MS&T industry, the Orlando region needs to continue to provide a highly skilled and trained workforce to replenish the industry and to stay competitive with companies around the world.

The addition of the new Launch Site tech center will do just that, by providing affordable technical education for students to enter the workforce as animators, modelers, programmers, simulation designers and motion capture technicians and working as virtual engineers to create the advanced learning systems used by the military and educational institutions.

Launch Site is another testament to the high quality talent pipeline and workforce structure the Orlando region has established through collaboration with educational institutions and the business community.