With more than 1,000 named lakes covering 200 square miles, Lake County is aptly named, but lakes aren’t the only thing abundant in the area. Lake County also has a thriving manufacturing hub set to explode with economic growth.

Lake County is home to more than 300 manufacturing companies, boasting nearly 8,000 employees who produce a wide variety of goods including specialized tools, communications equipment, as well as aerospace, medical and automotive products. Totaling seven percent, Lake County’s manufacturing workforce numbers are well above the state average of 4 percent.

“Our Lake County manufacturing businesses are key to building a more diverse and sustainable local economy. By participating in the Made in Lake program, business leaders will help enhance the fiscal health of our community while reaping measurable benefits.”

Robert Chandler, director of Lake County Economic Growth

With a fully equipped infrastructure system that includes streamlined road and rail system networks, it’s no wonder that Lake County has a bustling manufacturing hub. In fact, Lake County’s infrastructure is one of the area’s businesses most cited reasons for locating their business in the region.

Lake County is situated along Florida’s Turnpike in close proximity to Interstate 75 and Interstate 4, making transportation, manufacturing and distribution a breeze. And with access to three international airports and two international ports, businesses in Lake County are well positioned to service both domestic and international markets.

Lake County encourages all manufacturing companies located and producing products in the area to register at www.madeinlake.com to create new connections, increase pride for the industry and stimulate the local economy.

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