Precision Periodic’s successful demonstration pilot with Cornish Lithium at the international G7 Summit has far-reaching implications for an environmentally safe mineral extraction method.

World leaders gathering for the International G7 Summit received a glimpse of a sustainable future when Orlando-based cleantech startup Precision Periodic showcased its environmentally responsible Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology at UK-based Cornish Lithium’s demonstration plant. The technology has far-reaching implications for a more environmentally safe extraction method of highly demanded minerals such as lithium.

Precision Periodic’s technology is poised to help establish and secure an essential supply chain needed to meet the increasing demand for lithium batteries used in the growing electric vehicles (EV) industry. As countries look to combat global carbon emissions, automakers are beginning to phase out cars solely powered by internal combustion engines. According to research by JP Morgan, electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles will account for an estimated 30 percent of vehicle sales by 2025. Sustainable extraction methods such as the one developed by Precision Periodic will be crucial in meeting this demand, as more countries and multinational corporations around the world commit to a net-zero carbon future.

The company’s technology originated from the desire of two University of Central Florida (UCF) students to clean up Central Florida phosphate mining toxic waste dump sites. The students, Dylan Weitzman and Brandon Carpenter, met while working at the NanoScience Technology Center, a research program at UCF that facilitates the advancement of innovation to solve technology challenges. They came up with their idea and officially founded their company in 2017, continuing the development of their technology as a member of the UCF Business Incubation Program. The incubator provided the startup with the tools and infrastructure, including a flexible lab space, needed to research and develop a new chemical extraction and separation technique called ion adsorption chromatography – a reusable chromatography process for large scale industrial applications.

The use of Precision Periodic’s technology gives mining, refining, wastewater treatment and recycling companies the opportunity to extract elements down to the parts per billion. The company’s Nano Beads™ technology applies to everything from extracting lithium, mining gold and copper to removing toxic elements from past mining sites, industrial wastewaters or groundwater. The Nano Beads™ filtration media extracts and adsorbs ions without the need for pretreatment, heat or pressure. The process generates zero waste and requires little energy, with a small footprint ideal for deploying anything from small scale to large and/or distributed process sites. The system creates positive spillovers for ecosystems, including cleaning up environmentally damaging heavy metals, some of which can be used in various market supply chains. This gives Precision Periodic’s clients the opportunity to expand and sell into new markets and participate in a more circular economy.

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Not only does the company’s new extraction method help meet the future demand for precious metals and rare earth elements and minerals, but its innovative process is exponentially cleaner, safer and more efficient than current market mining alternatives. The company’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the mining industry and build a more sustainable future for the planet. As the company continues to demonstrate the efficacy of its mining process through industry partnerships such as with Cornish Lithium, it is a startup poised to become an industry game-changer.