In today’s highly-competitive world, the Orlando Economic Partnership’s work to build Orlando’s brand across the nation and the globe is more important than ever. Recently, the effectiveness of Orlando’s regional campaign, “Orlando. You Don’t Know the Half of It.” was evaluated in an in-depth study measuring how the campaign has helped to change perceptions of the region as a great place to do business.

Conducted by Development Counsellors International (DCI), a survey of c-suite and site selection consultants revealed major improvements in perceptions of Orlando when compared to results four years earlier when the campaign was launched with the support of over 185 local partnersIncluded in the marketing and communications tactics is an intense focus on earned media which has seen results with positive story placements in publications like Forbes, Inc., Bloombergand more. 

An example of a branding campaign asset featuring Orlando executives on why Orlando is a great business location.

The latest edition of this research surveyed over 100 site selectors and corporate executives on their perceptions of Orlando’s business assets and branding efforts. Here are four of the top takeaways from the perception survey results:

1. We’re highly rated.
Site selectors and corporate executives rank the Orlando region highly on key business-related location factors such as no personal income tax, low corporate tax rate and quality of life. Most notably, the region receives strong ratings on key labor-related factors including availability of skilled workers and educational systems.

2. Our Strengths Range from Workforce to Weather
When it comes to Orlando’s top strengths, factors such as weather and tax structure are among both corporate executives and site selectors top five responses. Site selectors also list the airport, workforce, and low costs among Orlando’s top five strengths.

3. Target Audience’s Know the “Other Half” of Orlando
When the campaign first launched, 29 percent of site selectors and only 2 percent of corporate executives had heard of the “Orlando. You Don’t Know the Half of It.” brand. In 2018, a whopping 76 percent of site selectors and 59 percent of corporate executives have heard of the “Orlando. You Don’t Know the Half of It” campaign—which means the strategic delivery of the campaign’s message to our target audiences is working.

4. Orlando is a Prime Location for the Next Big Project 
A majority of site selectors and corporate executives surveyed (61 percent and 63 percent, respectively) reported they were “likely” or “highly likely” to consider Orlando for a future project. Both percentages were a significant jump from previous years—in 2015, only 19 percent of corporate executives reported the same.

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