Press Release

Orlando Economic Partnership Launches Orlando Tech Hub

The new tool acts as a centralized platform for the Orlando region’s tech community resources, leaders, employees, students, businesses, events, news and more.

Orlando Tech Hub Website Image

The Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership) has launched a new tool designed to unify the Orlando region’s tech community resources, leaders, employees, students, businesses, events, news and more. The Orlando Tech Hub acts as a centralized digital platform where all our region’s innovation and technology enthusiasts can learn, share, connect and thrive.

“Innovation and collaboration are the foundation of Orlando’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and help to catalyze the growth and economic diversification of our region,” said Tim Giuliani, Partnership president and CEO.

“As an open community platform, Orlando Tech Hub will serve as a critical instrument for advancing the Partnership’s goal of organizing and aligning our region’s resources to accelerate progress toward an innovation-based economy.”

Tim Giuliani, Partnership President and CEO

Orlando Tech Hub allows users to: 

  • Create a customized profile 
  • Search the region’s technology and innovation community to learn of unique specialties 
  • Post and learn about local startups 
  • Participate in discussions 
  • Connect with a mentor to help your scaling business 
  • Search through an extensive library of nearly 2,000 resources to help any business 
  • Stay up to date on regional news and wins 
  • See all the upcoming tech and innovation events in our region 
  • Sign up for programs or educational sessions 
  • Learn about local investors 
  • And much more.

The hub’s biggest impact on the community will be its ability to connect startup founders with mentors and investors, both of whom are vital to ensuring the successful growth and scaling of new companies.  

“Orlando Tech Hub fills a critical gap in the region’s innovation ecosystem by serving as a direct point of connection between early-stage companies and leaders within our community who possess the business expertise, industry connections and available funding to help them grow, scale and succeed.”

David Adelson, Partnership Executive Director of Innovation and Technology

“This is just a glimpse of what is available on the platform and its potential to foster growth in our region’s tech community. The more connections we create, the stronger our results and ecosystem will be,” said David Adelson, executive director of innovation and technology at the Partnership.

Members of the Orlando region’s technology community and innovation ecosystem are invited to explore Orlando Tech Hub, create a profile and share it with relevant co-workers and talent. More information can be found at