Top selling virtual reality game built by Orlando-based Cyber Dream topped the charts on STEAM.

VirtualBattlegrounds1080P 3

When game developer Cyber Dream released Virtual Battlegrounds in April 2020, the game became the second best-selling virtual reality (VR) game on STEAM during the week of its launch. Debuted during the COVID-19 pandemic, it continues to be in the top 50 VR games on the platform and the most popular Battle Royale game.

Based in Orlando, Cyber Dream was founded by Sean Pinnock, a third generation Orlandoan and graduate of the University of Central Florida (UCF). During his time at UCF, Sean started two game-related clubs including GameDev Knights and Gaming Knights, both of which remain active today. His achievements at UCF led to publishing the self-funded game BlackSea Odyssey after graduation, which he worked on for Microsoft full-time (as a contractor from his mom’s basement) before joining EA Tiburon and then founding Cyber Dream in 2017.

In addition to focusing on virtual reality games, the company also draws on a steady stream of revenue from Orlando’s entertainment and defense sectors. It’s location in Orlando Game Space, at the heart of downtown Orlando, has allowed Sean and his team to take advantage of local connections with the region’s major players. The company has collaborated with local gaming and simulation operations including BrandVR, Disti, Talon Simulations, Steamroller Studios and Unity to fulfill contracts in both the attraction and military industries, and regularly attends local conferences including IAPPA and I/ITSEC to network and secure new business opportunities for VR game and training development services.

“Working on military contracts allows me to give back to my country,” Sean said. “And unlike other industries, the defense sector does not outsource its vendors. All of that work is done here in the United States.”

As individuals spend more time at home due to COVID-19, the number of people playing video games has increased dramatically since late March according to The NPD Group. Orlando-based Steamroller Studios grew from 100 to 110 employees between March and June, as reported by the Orlando Business Journal, and EA’s local studio, EA Tiburon, has also seen growth and recently released Madden NFL 21, which topped the charts as August’s best-selling digital PS4 game only four days after its release.

Cyber Dream is currently working on an update for the top selling Virtual Battlegrounds as well as bidding on Department of Defense contracts. With a vision trained on the future, Sean and his team are focused on building a scalable product in the current disruptive environment and rapidly growing VR gaming landscape.