Orlando Leaders traveled to Tallahassee to ensure the business community’s voice is heard during the 2020 legislative session.

Tallahassee Drive-Up Group Photo 2020

Orlando, Fla. – The Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership) hosted a delegation of 35 business leaders to proactively advance the region’s legislative agenda to key members of the legislature in Tallahassee during the opening days of the 2020 legislative session.

There are many important issues impacting the Orlando region. This legislative session, the Partnership is focused on advocating for tools that assist with economic development, workforce development, affordable housing, transportation solutions, and job creation initiatives including BRIDG.

“Our legislative agenda is critical to the continued success of the Orlando region’s economy,” said Tim Giuliani, president and CEO of the Partnership. “Our legislative focus is to champion initiatives that effectively increase access, mobility and broad-based prosperity for all who participate in the regional economy.”

“As one of the fastest growing regions in the U.S., adding 1,500 new residents each week, meeting the needs of Orlando’s growing community is critical to the success of our economy,” said Mark Shamley, Tupperware Brands Vice President of Global Social Impact, Partnership Board member and Public Policy Council chair.

“Ensuring the business community’s voice is heard by legislators helps guarantee Central Florida has the resources it needs to succeed well into the future.”

Mark Shamley, Tupperware Brands Vice President of Global Social Impact

More details on the region’s 2020 Legislative Priorities include:

Workforce Development

  • Working with the Chair of Workforce Development and Tourism Subcommittee to develop language that supports further coordination on workforce initiatives that enhance Central Florida’s workforce.
  • Supporting the Governor’s request for an appropriation of $25 million for general workforce and apprenticeship programs.

Funding for Central Florida Initiatives

  • Visit Florida
  • Space Florida
  • Support Municipal Power companies in advocating for electrification dollars .

Affordable Housing

  • Support funding for affordable housing initiatives in Central Florida.
  • Support local, state and federal policies and funding solutions to significantly increase the number of affordable housing units in Central Florida over the next decade.


  • Oppose legislation that would prohibit or further regulate local governments’ ability to impose, authorize or raise local tax.
  • Oppose legislation that would make it more difficult to expand rail service throughout Florida.
  • Support expanded electric vehicle infrastructure projects throughout Florida.
  • Support funding for Interstate 4 and Beyond the Ultimate.

Economic Development Issues

  • Oppose legislation that could alter our ability to protect trade secrets when working with companies.
  • Work to ensure that the Qualified Target Industry “QTI” Incentive does not sunset.
  • Support economic incentives that would allow for more R&D tax credits.
  • Support film incentives and grant programs.

Coordinating with the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Capitol Days, the delegation heard from policy experts who provided briefings and updates on the political environment in Florida and then met separately with state lawmakers and advocated for the many key issues that need to be addressed in the Orlando region.