Press Release

    Orlando to Unveil World’s First Digital Twin of an Entire Region

    Orlando Economic Partnership collaborating with Unity to create a first-of-its-kind multi-use, immersive real-time 3D digital twin for 800 square miles of the Orlando region.

    Orlando Digital Twin Rendering
    A rendering of Orlando’s digital twin in use in the Orlando Marketing Center at the new Orlando Economic Partnership offices. (Courtesy Unity)

    The Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership) is embarking on a project that is the first of its kind in the world – funding a futuristic, fully realized digital twin that will showcase the entire region with input from multiple stakeholders. The brand-new 3D technology will be the first to allow users to incorporate real-time, interactive data that can help them map out different scenarios with climate change, infrastructure, available real estate and more.

    The public-private organization has hired Unity, the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content, to create the digital twin project that will recreate 800 square miles of Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties in the state of Florida. While other cities’ digital twins have singular applications for smaller areas, the technology for the Orlando region will have nearly unlimited uses and set a new standard for the future of urban planning.

    Different data sets provided by investors will allow companies, local governments and non-profits to visualize how their own plans will impact the region. By aggregating public and private sources of information, the digital twin will serve as a critical resource for all decision-makers in the area, making the technology a vital piece of Orlando’s future.

    “This is a project that will change the way we do business, and the way businesses immerse themselves in all Orlando has to offer. This digital twin is the culmination of our world-class modeling and simulation companies, AR/VR/XR, defense and gaming industries.”

    Tim Giuliani, Orlando Economic Partnership President and CEO

    “Orlando is growing with more to offer than ever before. The future is here and it’s time for our region to reap the benefits of all the digital twin technology has to offer,” said Partnership president and CEO Tim Giuliani.

    For economic development, the Partnership will be able to show site selectors and CEOs available land and real estate, as well as areas of interest for different industries, infrastructure connectivity and talent availability, all while saving drive time. Utility companies and city planners will be able to map out proposed infrastructure improvements on a holographic display, which is being developed for a dedicated marketing center in the Partnership’s new office space.

    “Digital Twin technology unleashes the full power of data for better decision-making, but more importantly gives cities like Orlando the ability to plan and build for a smarter, safer and more sustainable reality.”

    Dave Rhodes, SVP of Digital Twins, Unity.

    “The power of digital twins comes from connecting and visualizing real-world assets with real-world data, enabling cross-functional collaboration through the design, build, test, deployment and operation of complex systems in interactive and immersive ways,” said Dave Rhodes, SVP of digital twins at Unity.

    The project marks a first for digital twin technology, which has not previously mapped a large region. Unity was selected based on its leadership in gaming, government solutions and its experience building digital twins for other organizations, including the Vancouver International Airport, Hong Kong International and the city of Paris, France.

    The digital twin will be a dynamic virtual copy of a physical asset, process, system and/or environment that looks like and behaves identically to its real-world counterpart and will be displayed online and at the new Orlando Economic Partnership headquarters, set to open this spring.

    The Partnership works to accelerate economic development and transform the region through advancing Broad Based Prosperity™ for all. Broad Based Prosperity™ allows businesses, community leaders and local governments to work together, strengthening Orlando’s economy and quality of life by solving shared regional challenges. The Partnership works one-on-one to attract and assist companies with relocations and expansions to continue Orlando’s rapid economic growth.

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