Falcon’s Beyond CEO Cecil Magpuri shares why Orlando is an ideal location for business and how the region’s diverse, collaborative and thriving community plays a critical role in the company’s future

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Falcon’s Beyond

The Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) is launching a campaign targeting new economic development projects that showcase why ‘Orlando Works’ for CEOs and decision makers within our region who share the story why Orlando is a strong destination for business.

Falcon’s Beyond CEO and co-founder Cecil Magpuri has spent decades working in the entertainment industry, including at Iwerks Entertainment in Burbank, California and as creative director at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. He started his own company more than 20 years ago.

“In 2000, I started my own company, Falcon’s Treehouse, which later was rebranded as Falcon’s Creative Group and subsequently has now evolved into Falcon’s Beyond,” Magpuri said.

Today, Falcon’s is situated at this amazing intersection of entertainment and technology.

Cecil Magpuri, Falcon’s Beyond CEO and co-founder

Falcon’s Beyond is a diversified global entertainment, consumer experience and technology enterprise that accelerates consumer facing brand franchise and intellectual property concurrently across both physical and digital experiences.

“We’ve amassed a 23-year track record executing more than $100 billion worth of story driven development projects in 27 different countries,” Magpuri said. “Since our founding, Falcon’s has collaborated with some of the most accomplished entertainment IP holders across the globe producing award winning entertainment experiences and creating exceptional media content and experiential technology for a worldwide audience.”

Magpuri said Orlando is an ideal location for his company because it is a center for themed entertainment and innovation.

Over the years, Orlando has elevated its profile as a tech hub where entertainment and innovation are linked.

Cecil Magpuri, Falcon’s Beyond CEO and co-founder

“Orlando has become the epicenter for building consumer entertainment experiences that push the limits of what is possible,” he said.

Magpuri also credits Orlando for opening doors to unique talent and introducing the company to other businesses and clients who share their vision to innovate beyond the expected.

“Orlando is a gateway to unmatched international opportunities. The core of entertainment innovation lives in Orlando and this innovation is spreading across the world thanks to the work being done here,” he said. “From our Katmandu brand theme park in the Dominican Republic to the global companies we partner with, we’re an Orlando-based company with a growing international footprint.”

Magpuri said Orlando plays a critical role in Falcon’s future.

“We’re at a pivotal point in accelerating our company’s growth. This includes continuing to build upon our successful track record on delivering theme parks, resorts, and attractions with patented technologies, as well as films, episodic series, consumer products, licensing, and merchandizing,” Magpuri said.

He credits their success in part to the talent base in the Orlando region.

We’re only as good as the talented team members who are proud to call Falcon’s home to bring our robust growth vision to life. We depend on the superior talent based right here in Orlando.

Cecil Magpuri, Falcon’s Beyond CEO and co-founder

“It’s important to me to continue fostering the city’s incredible local talent and attract more creatives to the region by growing our company right here in Orlando,” he said.

Magpuri has lived in Orlando since the mid-1990s. He said his family loves visiting theme parks, experiencing the beautiful scenery, and enjoying the retail and dining options. He adds it is the perfect play to live, work and play.

“Orlando offers a diverse, collaborative, and thriving community continually striving for innovation and greatness. It’s a place where endless possibilities are Unbelievably Real,” Magpuri said.

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