Discover how PNC serves as a powerful proponent of women in leadership.

For over 170 years, PNC Bank has helped people achieve financial well-being and feel confident about their financial choices. For this mission-driven organization, serving individual customers is only the beginning, as the financial company redefines what it means to uplift the economy by investing in initiatives that empower the communities they serve.

Several cultural organizations have benefitted from PNC’s financial support locally, including Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, the Orlando Ballet, and Opera Orlando. PNC also awarded $500,000 to AdventHealth for its Children’s West Lakes Early Learning Center to support economic empowerment and education programs that focus on the family.

In addition to supporting culture and early learning, PNC serves as a powerful proponent of women in leadership. They offer a national network of more than 4,000 PNC-Certified Women’s Business Advocates who support numerous initiatives that mentor and advocate for the unique needs of women entrepreneurs and executives. In 2020, PNC stepped up as the first corporate sponsor of Orlando Regional Chamber’s All Women Empowered (AWE) committee, which unifies resources and amplifies poignant and effective stories of female leaders across Central Florida.

“We consider our support of All Women Empowered critical as we look to support this growing customer segment, but we also see it as a strategic investment in the economic mobility of Greater Orlando businesses,” said Marlana Yarrington, PNC Private Bank senior banking advisor and chair of the AWE committee.

“As an active member of AWE, PNC is helping to cultivate a thriving female business community by empowering dynamic women business owners, strengthening their financial success, and building a strong equal workforce for the next generation of business leaders.”

Marlana Yarrington, PNC Private Bank Senior Banking Advisor and Chair of the AWE committee

PNC launched Project 257 SM last year to help close the 257-year economic gap between men and women in business. PNC’s Project 257 is inspired by the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Gap Report, which found that at the current pace of progress, it will take another 257 years for women to catch up to men economically.

PNC has learned there are four reasons for the pay gap: underrepresentation in high-growth roles and industries, pay disparities, unequal access to credit, and unpaid domestic work. To resolve these issues and be a changemaker, PNC leverages the power of its resources to educate, inspire and walk the talk, be a role model employer, expand access to credit, and connect PNC’s Grow Up Great support for children and caregivers to further assist women at home.

“We are very proud to sponsor All Women Empowered since our organization has a great deal in common when it comes to our mission to help women succeed financially – both in their professional and personal lives,” said Yarrington.

“At PNC, we believe that acknowledging, respecting, and supporting women’s ambitions, goals and priorities help drive financial equality.”

Marlana Yarrington, PNC Private Bank Senior Banking Advisor and Chair of the AWE committee

Through all their philanthropic efforts, PNC is committed to making an impact where it matters most — in the lives of families and future leaders of this generation.