Drew Sorrell, shareholder and chair of the Data Governance Group at Lowndes, shares his “only in Orlando” moment that did not involve any alligators, and how his firm helps technology companies achieve their business goals.

The Orlando innovation ecosystem is rich with high-caliber tech talent and boundary-pushing entrepreneurs. In an effort to foster a more connected community, the Orlando Tech Council presents “Profiles in Tech,” a new series highlighting the region’s top executives, innovators and movers and shakers whose ideas and companies are changing the world right from our own backyard.

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This week’s Orlando Profiles in Tech features Drew Sorrell, shareholder and chair of the Data Governance Group at Lowndes. Learn more about his “only in Orlando” moment that did not involve any alligators and how his firm helps technology companies achieve their business goals.

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Have you experienced an “only in Orlando” moment? If so, what was it? 

Yes! While I am not a big hunter, I have always wanted to go gator hunting. So, about a year ago, one of my law partners and I obtained permits and hired a guide to take us out on the water. I can now proudly say that I have blasted through the dark night on an air boat, with me poised at the front like the figurehead of a pirate ship – complete with all the bugs on my face. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in finding any suitable alligators.

What brought you to the Orlando region? What’s kept you here? 

Having grown up in Kissimmee and after living in Washington, D.C. and New York, I returned to the Orlando area because it really is the ideal place to live and raise a family – complete with good people, great weather and excellent business opportunities.

What makes Orlando the right place for your business? How does being in Orlando contribute to your business success or personal growth?

The tremendous inflow of talent into Central Florida makes Orlando the right place to be. We are quickly reaching a technological critical mass that will make Orlando the next Austin or Silicon Valley. As an attorney, I really enjoy helping these entrepreneurs, startups and technology-based companies to navigate potential legal issues and achieve their business goals. 

What makes the Orlando tech ecosystem unique? 

Orlando has been growing in tech since WWII, with the Naval Warfare Training Center and the former Strategic Air Command air base (now Orlando International Airport) providing early tech-talent injections. Since then, innovators like Disney, Harris, Lockheed, NASA, SpaceX and UCF have each contributed their own twist to the tech landscape. Now, Orlando is the center of simulation and training for the world, and we are quickly branching out to so many other technology areas. 

What‘s one thing you wish Orlando had? What will it take to make that a reality?

More than anything, I wish that my alma mater, Rollins College, had a football team. However, that would require a reversal of 150 years of tradition…

If you had to describe to an out-of-town friend what it’s like to live, work, learn and play in Orlando, what would you say?

Orlando truly has it all – great weather, culture, nature, world-class entertainment, sports, and ever-growing business opportunities. Plus, the Keys are only a few short hours away!

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