Co-authored by Bill Dymond, president and CEO of Lowndes and the chair of the Partnership, and Daryl Tol, president and CEO of AdventHealth Central Florida Region and the chair-elect of the Partnership

Low numbers of available COVID-19 tests are causing and will continue to cause unnecessary spreading of the virus and widespread economic impacts. If we knew who had the virus, they could be isolated.  If we could isolate those who have the virus, the rest of us could get our economy running again. Countries that have contained the virus have taken these straight-forward steps. 

The public is hearing that testing is widely available. That is simply not true here in Central Florida and likely not true in many parts of the country.

Absent the availability of widespread testing, businesses and governments are forced to make the safest, most conservative and most effective response, which is to encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible. We respectfully ask for and strongly encourage a more aggressive and unwavering response at the state and federal level! Until then, we will continue to look to our local business and government leaders for guidance with the resources and powers they have available. We appreciate and support their leadership.