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Synapse Comes to Orlando

The summit will align with IMMERSE to showcase regional innovation economy through technology and the arts.

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Synapse Comes to Orlando, Aligning with IMMERSE, to Showcase Regional Innovation Economy through Technology and the Arts

Orlando, Fla. – Synapse, the non-profit organization founded to accelerate innovation throughout the state, will debut its first regional business event “Synapse Orlando” in downtown Orlando on Friday, October 18, 2019 in collaboration with the Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership).

The day-long symposium of entrepreneurship and thought-leadership presents opportunities to showcase the region’s innovation ecosystem from experience technology to digital wellness and smart city initiatives. It also offers opportunities for the startup community to learn about the latest transformational innovations impacting Florida’s overall business community.

We are thrilled to be bringing the excitement of Synapse to Orlando.

Brian Kornfeld, President of Synapse Florida

“Synapse is all about getting connected to the right people. We believe that by hosting Synapse Orlando in collaboration with the Orlando Economic Partnership, we can create synergistic and intentional connections across the state, making Florida an even better place to start a business, scale a business, and innovate,” said Kornfeld.

With Synapse’s first event in Orlando, regional entrepreneurs also gain access to Synapse Connect, an online platform that allows innovators to easily and quickly connect with the resources they need to accelerate success. Additionally, the organization seeks to spur innovation through community action in the form of Synapse Challenges, a crowdsourcing solution for organizations to solve real-world problems and create new opportunities for forward-thinking businesses and people.

An inside look at the 2019 Synapse Innovation Summit, showcasing cutting edge businesses and technology alongside speeches from visionaries located in the Tampa Bay area.

Synapse’s decision to launch its first event in Orlando further builds on the momentum of our entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as our technology-focused industries that have been vital to our economic growth.

Tim Giuliani, Orlando Economic Partnership President and CEO

“The depth of talent and expertise the summit brings to our startup community will propel the pace of innovation throughout the region by connecting our entrepreneurs with the ideas, talent, resources, tools and capital they need to grow,” said Giuliani.

To showcase the strength of Orlando’s creative culture, Synapse Orlando is strategically aligned with Creative City Project’s IMMERSE, an annual city-wide performing and interactive arts experience.

We believe that Orlando is a place of creativity and innovation.

Cole NeSmith, Creative City Project Founder and CEO

“Each year, Creative City Project is working to promote that on a global scale through our annual event, IMMERSE. The partnership with Synapse just makes sense as we work to achieve this vision together. Orlando truly is a uniquely collaborative city and I’m proud of our community for reaching across industry lines to create meaningful experiences for residents and visitors. The more we work together, the more we thrive. And this partnership is one more example of our collaborative spirit.”

More than 1,000 artists bring the streets of Downtown Orlando to life at Creative City Project’s IMMERSE.

The partnership between the two events presents the opportunity for a creative collision between Orlando’s innovation and experience economy.

Sheena Fowler, Partnership’s Vice President of Innovation

“It also builds on our momentum of the Rise of the Rest tour with AOL Co-Founder Steve Case who’s venture capital firm, Revolution, chose Orlando for its kickoff to this year’s tour,” Fowler added.

The Orlando region has ranked No. 1 in the nation for job growth four years in a row, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with multiple industries driving the region’s STEM job growth. In 2018, Orlando had more STEM job growth than any other region in the nation, out-pacing cities like San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. Orlando’s tech talent pool has grown 27 percent since 2012 and is adding more tech graduates than any other Florida market.

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About Synapse Florida

Synapse Florida is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that connects entrepreneurs, talent, investors, corporations, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to accelerate success in Florida’s thriving economies. Based in Tampa, Fla., Synapse helps people find what they need and share what they have in three ways:

  • Synapse Events – a series of events across Florida in celebration of innovation where visionaries, doers and success-makers connect with the latest transformational innovations across all industries.
  • Synapse Connect – an online platform that allows innovators to easily and quickly connect with the resources they need to accelerate success.
  • Synapse Challenges – a crowdsourcing solution for organizations to solve real-world problems and create new opportunities for forward-thinking businesses and people.

For more information about Synapse, please visit

About Creative City Project

Creative City Project has been producing their annual event in Downtown Orlando since 2012.The event was renamed IMMERSE at the beginning of 2017. This year’s event will host an audience of 70,000. Hundreds of performances and experiences will be presented more than 100 arts organizations and artist collectives from across Central Florida and beyond. In addition to IMMERSE, Creative City Project is committed to helping guests live a life of creativity and adventure by connecting them with meaningful arts experiences throughout the year. Each Monday, Creative City Project releases “This Week In Art,” a video series highlighting the best in arts and culture happening across Central Florida that week. Additionally, Creative City Project hosts a weekly podcast.