In the summer of 2018, the Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership) led a collective effort, engaging leadership, staff and stakeholders in the development of a strategic framework for the region’s future. The result was Launch to Tomorrow, an ambitious three-year plan to re-cast economic development and advance broad-based prosperity for the Orlando region.

Launch to Tomorrow aims to elevate the region’s competitiveness while responding to the needs of the community, residents and businesses. Focused on this future, the mission is outlined in this video:

The Partnership’s bold vision was revealed during the 2018 Annual Dinner before an audience of almost 800 of the region’s community leaders. Along with outlining these objectives, the Partnership announced several new initiatives that will be implemented in 2019:

  • Establish the Foundation for Orlando’s Future to provide research, strategy and a regional scorecard to measure progress towards broad-based prosperity
  • Launch the next phase of Leadership Orlando, America’s largest leadership program, in the spring. The new program, Leadership Orlando 2.0: The Impact Project, is designed to transition alumni from learning about the region to actively impacting it for the better
  • Host a spring Leadership Mission in Orlando with an itinerary focused on aligning key economic strategies
  • Advance recommendations by the Alliance for Regional Transportation for regional multi-modal transportation solutions and funding
  • Kick off a three-year, $20 million fundraising campaign to continue the pursuit of the Partnership’s mission.

The Partnership also identified three specific areas that reflect the region’s depth of expertise and opportunity in:

  • Autonomous Connections – Establishing community-wide connectivity that reaches beyond transportation to create greater access to services across healthcare, education, tourism and more.
  • Wellness and Data – The advancement of wellness with data analytics and artificial intelligence to engage patients and empower them to take control of their own healthcare.
  • Talent Ecosystem – Leveraging large-scale use of artificial intelligence, big data and digital identities to foster a dynamic and responsive region-wide digital talent ecosystem that allows citizens, educational institutions and companies to work together.

While these big initiatives will not be realized quickly, it’s more important than ever to plan for the region’s future. The Orlando Economic Partnership’s bold new vision helps the region advance toward its collective goals that create a new opportunities for the region’s diverse and growing population.

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