Hosted by Tim Giuliani, Orlando Economic Partnership President and CEO, this inaugural episode of The C.E.O. podcast covers the assistance and aid available to local businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyday life is changed because of COVID-19 and here at the Partnership we’re dedicated to helping businesses get back on their feet so they can provide the vital services and products that move our economy along. Recovery in Orlando, and around the U.S., should be carefully thought through. As small businesses work to navigate a complicated emergency funding system, information is critical. Now, more than ever, it’s important to know what can/should be doing to stay in business and begin the recovery process.

This is C.E.O.

Welcome to C.E.O., Creating Economic Opportunity, the only podcast focused on how the Orlando community is advancing broad-based prosperity.

Hosted by Tim Giuliani, President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership, this inaugural episode of C.E.O. covers the assistance and aid available to local businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The episode kicks things off with a conversation with Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, of Florida’s District 7.

Then, Tim shares information about a new Partnership program designed to connect struggling businesses with resources and support programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

And finally, in each episode of C.E.O. Tim interviews the owner of an Orlando regional business to understand how they’re adapting to the changing economic environment and creating economic opportunity. In this episode, Tim checks in with David Kowlessar, owner of Just Fix It Collision Center, to learn about his experience with the BRACE program, how his business is recovering from the pandemic and what advice he has for other business owners.

The C.E.O. podcast can be found on most major streaming platforms and is produced by the Orlando Economic Partnership. To submit feedback, ask questions, or recommend a topic or business for a future episode, please email