Orlando tech company The Garage supports its partners in building a more effective community health system, bringing value to patients and providers across America.

Over the last decade, Orlando’s healthcare ecosystem has boomed. Today, The City Beautiful is proud to serve as “home” to five of the 50 largest U.S. hospitals within a two-hour drive and headquarters for two major health systems, as well as hundreds of thousands of industry professionals. This regional growth came at a crucial time, as much of the industry shifts to a value-based care (VBC) model, which is focused on patient outcomes and encourages providers to deliver the best care at the most reasonable cost.

That shift is something The Garage, an Orlando-based healthcare technology company with an exclusive focus on population health management for VBC, is working hard to make a reality. The company pursues the “quadruple aim” – lower cost, better health outcomes, and an improved healthcare experience for both patients and providers.

Airport Model 2
The Garage utilizes an airport model to focus on delivering lower cost, better health outcomes, and an improved healthcare experience for both patients and providers. (Courtesy The Garage)

This goal was the driving force behind The Garage’s founding in 2012, as well as its mission to “change healthcare for good, one community at a time.” Less than a decade later, more than 18,000 healthcare providers from across nearly 30 states turn to The Garage for best-in-class population health management. But of course, even the most forward-thinking companies cannot produce transformative results in a vacuum. For The Garage, true success could only be realized with the support of a robust ecosystem of partnerships, resources and top tech talent.

That is why Orlando – which often serves as a testing ground for revolutionary technology – was the perfect place for The Garage to plant its roots. As The Garage Founder and CEO Pranam Ben shared, “At the time, there were not a lot of high-tech healthcare companies in the region, but there was such a dynamic, brilliant pool of talent. It was the perfect opportunity for us.”

The company’s decision to establish its headquarters in Downtown Orlando (where it currently employs 18 full-time team members at its office on S. Orange Avenue) extends beyond the city’s business-friendly climate. While Central Florida is a great place to start and grow a business, the team of innovators at The Garage has discovered it is also a great place to live and play.

“We had considered New York City, and, for a brief time, had offices in Silicon Valley, but Orlando offers an attractive location for talent, lower operating costs compared to many other potential locations, and a growth mindset that aligns with The Garage’s goals and values.”

The Garage Founder and CEO Pranam Ben
Pranam Ben Headshot 4
The Garage Founder and CEO Pranam Ben cites Orlando’s dynamic, brilliant pool of talent as the reason he chose Orlando for his company. (Courtesy The Garage).

“Pair the access to talent in our region with a walkable downtown location that offers plenty of parking and a diverse variety of excellent food and cultural options, and it’s easy to see why Orlando has been an excellent place for us to call home,” Ben said.

Bolstered by the City of Orlando’s robust, strategic support network and all-in business environment, The Garage is empowered to pioneer solutions that support a reimagined future of the healthcare ecosystem, and other leaders in the space have taken notice.

Most recently, Healthix – one of the largest public Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the country – agreed to collaborate with The Garage on its launch of Municipal, a new, care management platform for maximizing HIE effectiveness. Upon its launch in the fall, Municipal will be available to Healthix’s 8,000 member facilities in New York State, holding the medical records of over 20 million patients. This data will be shared under privacy guidelines set by the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), which includes patient consent for providers to access data, as well as the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

While Municipal may be the latest, specialized offering from The Garage, the company is most well-known for Bridge, the most comprehensive population health management platform in the market.

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With the mission to “change healthcare for good, one community at a time,” The Garage leverages its agility as a startup to pioneer solutions that support a reimagined future of the healthcare ecosystem. (Courtesy The Garage)

Leveraging advanced analytics, Bridge serves as a one-stop-shop for actionable insights at the organization, practice, and patient level where providers, care managers and administrators can manage performance, interact with each other, communicate with patients, and facilitate high-quality care.

Having on-demand access to detailed patient information is a key component in care. For example, a medical provider may learn that many of their patients are choosing to go to the emergency room or urgent care – options that are more expensive than a visit to the provider’s practice. That provider can analyze their patients’ data to identify trends in the timing or purpose of those visits, and potentially consider a change to their practice’s operating hours to more fully accommodate them.

The population health platform was designed with the goal of improving the quality of patient care and lowering costs, and it has delivered. On average, high-performing accountable care organizations using Bridge report annual gross savings of $236 per patient, totaling to a gross savings of $608 million and counting. The Garage’s innovative approach to healthcare technology is sure to change the landscape of patient care for generations to come and is yet another example of how Orlando’s other half is transforming the way we see the future.