Harris Rosen’s Legacy of Philanthropy

    Understanding the barriers to social mobility – the reasons why a child has the odds stacked against him or her simply because of the zip code they were born into – has been the obsession of this year’s James B. Greene award recipient. Harris Rosen has used his skill as an entrepreneur and innovator and applied them to create ground-breaking programs and initiatives that have literally changed lives. From early childhood education to full scholarships, his Tangelo Park and now Parramore programs seek to help young people, and their families, by offering opportunities that provide pathways to success.

    His support of the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management, his vision in creating the Tangelo Park Foundation and the Parramore Foundation, and more recently, the Adam Michael Rosen Foundation, in memory of his son, is all about lifting the lives of others and ultimately making this a greater community, a better world.