Orlando Economic Partnership 2020 Leadership Mission

    Video Transcript

    Tim Giuliani, President & CEO, Orlando Economic Partnership [00:00:06] In 2020, the Orlando Economic Partnership decided to stay home and make sure we understand what are our top opportunities and what are the challenges facing us over the next decade.

    Billy Dymond, CEO & President, Lowndes, Board Chair, Orlando Economic Partnership [00:00:17] Beginning tonight, we’ll work on four major topics – economic development, transportation, affordable housing, and well-being in our community.

    Mark Brewer, President & CEO, Central Florida Foundation [00:00:28] Right now is a wonderful opportunity for us, with the leadership of the business community, to really figure out where are we going and how are we gonna get there.

    Tricia Johnson, Deputy County Manager, Seminole County Government [00:00:36] The county is very appreciative of the relationship we have with our business community. And when you ask what do we need from them, it’s that continued collaborative spirit, that donation of their time in order to help us work toward solutions that government can’t do.

    Shannon Gravitte, Vice President, Public Affairs, AdventHealth [00:00:50] What we’re finding is some of those health disparities that we see are really related to some of those social determinants, such as housing, transportation, access to services. We believe that’s part of our responsibility to make sure that we have those as a community and that will in turn improve the health, improve the health of our community.

    Dr. Barbara Jenkins, Superintendent, Orange County Public Schools [00:01:08] That continual thread around broad-based prosperity is impressive. That this community would be concerned that prosperity, not just before a few, but broad-based prosperity.

    Captain Tim Hill, Commanding Officer, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division and Naval Support Activity Orlando [00:01:24] Talent pipeline, talent management is a big resonating factor for us. The other piece is the culture of innovation and sparking that off is something that is very much on the mind of the Department of Defense right now.

    Rob Panepinto, President, Florentine Strategies, Chair, Central Florida Housing Action Team [00:01:32] Our goal is to create pools of capital that, again, can support through debt structures, equity structures or street philanthropy structures to incent affordable housing development across the wide spectrum of what we’re trying to build in this community to really start to bend the curve on this issue across the spectrum of the region and across different incomes.

    Dr. Thad Seymour, Jr., Interim President, University of Central Florida [00:01:54] This reminds me how passionate our leaders are about the future of Orlando and the whole region, and to hear these intelligent, thoughtful discussions about the important issues that we have to wrestle with and I think the point about we’ve got to stop talking at some point and actually do the things that we know we need to do.

    Tracey Stockwell, Executive Vice President & CFO, Universal Orlando, Chair, ART’s Executive Committee & Leadership Council [00:02:14] One of the underlying foundations that we have for all of our recommendations in the ARB report is access, safe, efficient, reliable access, access to jobs, access to education, access to health care and services.

    Jodie Hardman, Senior Vice President / Market Manager, Bank of America [00:02:30] We all brought a different voice to the issue and we really didn’t know the half of it, right? We thought we knew one issue but your voice, your idea, your concept has really brought together a whole new array of issues and opportunities.

    Sean DeMartino, President, Coastal Construction [00:02:45] Well, I appreciate that we have elected officials, business leaders, and the business community focused on what’s most important for our community. To have the courage to declare that now and to actually promote a long term vision. It’s very important for our business community and all of our leadership to make sure that we’re addressing that every day.

    Bill Dymond, CEO & President, Lowndes, Board Chair, Orlando Economic Partnership [00:03:04] There’s a real consensus that we need to move forward. We need an action plan and we need to be leaders and get out in front on these challenges.

    Tim Giuliani, President & CEO, Orlando Economic Partnership [00:03:13] It really is a choice. There’s two tomorrows. You have the one on the current trajectory, which, to this point, has produced a lot of growth. But when you think about the future, if we don’t make decisions today, that growth will catch up to us and we’ll be a victim of our own success.
    Tim Giuliani, President & CEO, Orlando Economic Partnership [00:03:29] So making sure that we’re taking enough action on affordable housing when it comes to transportation options, we’re gonna be the size of Boston in 2030, in Washington, D.C. in 2045. We really need to be making investments now to make sure we have the infrastructure we need when we get there.