Orlando is the Modeling, Simulation & Training Capital of the World

Known as the Modeling, Simulation and Training (MS&T) capital of the world, Orlando is home to the simulation procurement commands for the Army and Navy and has a significant presence of the Air Force and Marines. In total, more than $6 billion in annual simulation contracts flow through the region, the majority of which is awarded to local companies and subcontractors.

Video Transcript

Narrator [00:00:05] Orlando is a city built on innovation. From health care to defense, human performance and education, even entertainment, inventions in the modeling, simulation, and training industry are pioneered here, making Orlando the world’s leader in MS&T technology.

Tom Baptiste, Lt. Gen., USAF (Ret), President, The National Center for Simulation [00:00:23] This industry was built on the back of the Department of Defense. After the modeling and simulation industry established its foothold here at the old Naval Training Center, there was a vision to build a research park. That happened in 1984, construction was completed in 1988. The Navy moved in with its Army partners and this industry has grown to become the epicenter of the world for modeling, simulation, and training.

Narrator [00:00:46] The modeling, simulation, and training industry provides thousands of skilled, high-paying positions in Orlando and statewide, which infuses billions of dollars into the local economy and impacts lives across the globe.

Victor Torla, Business Development Director, Lockheed Martin [00:00:59] From every perspective, central Florida is the hub of simulation and training for the United States Armed Services, as well as our customers throughout the globe. The innovations, the investments in technology, the partnership with industry and academia is absolutely critical to the long-term support of the central Florida area.

Narrator [00:01:21] Beyond its breadth of investment opportunities and upstarts, Orlando has built a connected infrastructure of specialized centers of excellence, field focused graduate programs, and an ideas rich environment like no other on Earth.

Beverly Seay, Trustee, University of Central Florida [00:01:33] We have companies moving into the area to bring their technologies. We have many companies that are growing out of this area that are all a result of being able to have this advanced modeling and simulation capability.

Narrator [00:01:52] Whether it’s allowing surgeons to perfect their practice or preparing pilots to take flight, the applications are lifesaving, cost effective, and safe.

Michael Tschanz, Director, Technology & Analysis, Disney Design & Engineering [00:01:57] Modeling, simulation, and training is very important to the theme park industry and travel as a whole because it is becoming more and more of a challenge to move the number of people that are coming to your Orlando destination. A good example of this is on Disney property, where we have extensive runway modifications and progress in order to accommodate this demand.

Waymon Armstrong, Founder/CEO, Engineering & Computer Simulations [00:02:17] For finally telling the story, the story of how we use technology that’s caught up with our vision to train and educate not just the warfare of the day, but how we educate our students and leaders of tomorrow.
Narrator [00:02:29] This is how far we’ve come in a single generation. It’s time to secure the future of this critical industry so we can safeguard the next era of innovation. One bound only by our imagination and our boundless commitment to its success.