From pastures to citrus groves to wood and wetlands, Deseret Cattle & Citrus manages over 295,000 acres, or 450 square miles, that perfectly mirrors the diversity of Central Florida’s rich natural landscape. The Deseret team balances animal science, soil science, and business to promote responsible stewardship of the environment.

Deseret’s collaborative history dates back 60 years and its team has built a framework for the future that stretches to 2080. The Partnership appreciates this investment in thoughtful long-range planning and a mutually beneficial approach to regional prosperity.


Cattle grazing on Deseret Ranch land.

As part of its commitment to helping the Orlando region thrive and grow, Deseret joined the Orlando Economic Partnership as an Ambassador Council investor.


Pictured on the left: Don Whyte, Vice President of Planning, Deseret Ranch

Thank you to Don Whyte, vice president of planning, for his leadership and vision, especially in support of advancing transportation solutions. Learn more about Deseret Ranches’ transportation contributions to the Orlando region here.