Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, an international architecture and design firm, has joined the Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership) at the Partner level.

A company that prides itself on innovation, Little has designed spaces all across Central Florida, ranging from expansive projects like the Adventist Health System Headquarters to smaller spaces like Canvs and Credo. The company’s close collaboration with its clients is what makes it possible for them to create such diverse spaces.

At the corporate level, Little believes in “paying it forward” and getting involved in non-profits and community development. At the local level, this means the Orlando Economic Partnership gains the benefit of Jim Hair’s 25 years of business experience. As Orlando Office President, Jim is passionate about serving the Orlando community and also acts as Board Chair of A Gift For Teaching while leading Little in wellness, sustainability and performance research.

We enthusiastically welcome the entire Little team as investors of the Partnership and look forward to their engagement and input on the growth of our Orlando community.