Mauricio Romero, Founder and CEO of Databranding, explains what made him consider Orlando when relocating his business and his experience of the region since the move.

Welcome to our new series, New Investor Profiles, where we share the stories of some of the Orlando Economic Partnership’s newest investors.


In the inaugural edition of our New Investor Profiles series, we hear from Mauricio Romero, founder and CEO of Databranding, a multicultural marketing agency working across a number of industries, in multiple languages. Mauricio explains what made him consider Orlando when relocating his business, his experience of the region since the move, and how the Partnership has assisted in this transition.

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Please Introduce Yourself

My name is Mauricio Romero, and I am a communications, marketing, and advertising professional with more than 26 years of experience. I guide clients through the development of marketing strategies that attract leads and reach audiences in new ways. I help clients increase their visibility on the web through building a strong message and appealing story telling.

Throughout my career I have developed marketing strategies and produced campaigns, tv, radio and print ads, documentaries, interviews, activations and promotions for big brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Tequila Sauza, Hellman’s, Procter & Gamble, The Red Cross, Nattura, Cloe, and IPADE Business School, as well as several Universities and banks.

My experience with storytelling, film directing and cinematography continues to help me when developing creative messages for my clients.

In addition, I am the founder and CEO of Databranding, a digital marketing agency providing marketing and sales strategy, tactical execution and analytics and technology guidance for a diverse group of clients. It is a bicultural, international agency that helps companies to serve both the Latin American and US markets.

Why did you choose to invest in the Orlando Economic Partnership? 

There are so many things happening in Orlando, so I needed an organization that could help me have a wide vision of the environment, meet other leaders and develop new networking relations. The Partnership is at the center of the activity within the region and is pairing the vision and efforts of organizations with leaders of Orlando.

My personal goal is to become an active member of Orlando’s social, cultural and economic development communities. The Partnership’s staff treated me very warm, making me feel as part of the community right away.

How has your involvement in Leadership Orlando enhanced you and your organization’s growth?

Leadership Orlando is a great program where you can meet interesting people in a wide variety of industries. The program helps you understand what is going on in the region and discover where business clusters are, their development, and their plans for future growth. Most importantly, you make good friends.

How does being in Central Florida contribute to your organization’s success? 

The Orlando region’s economic development and projection for the future is what made me want to be a part of it. I did my homework, considering other U.S. cities like Houston, Dallas, LA, Philadelphia, Boston and even Miami. Central Florida offers more than all these other regions. In addition to Orlando’s economic development, it has the benefit of weather, multi-cultural diversity and a variety of industries from tourism and entertainment to space and technology.

What are you most excited for that is coming to the Orlando Region? 

It is a city that is always growing and has so many good opportunities to develop. The connectivity of the region through trains, airports and seaports is going to change the way businesses become national and international. Orlando has a great foundation, but it is still an open canvas with an exciting future. New companies and families are going to become part of the region through things like the migration of Disney’s workers from California to Florida and exciting events like the Special Olympics. All of these are going to shape Orlando’s future, creating new opportunities and making a more open community with strong relationships.

Lastly, are there any new and exciting developments in the pipeline for your organization? 

As a marketing business, the most exciting part is helping organizations in the region spread their word, educate their clients, and communicate all of the special things they are doing for their customers. Hiring talent and building a local team is exciting.