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Orlando 2045: Shaping the Future of the Region with Vision and Collaboration 

Orlando Economic Partnership and NEXT Generation Consulting spearhead a 20-year project aimed at charting a course for economic prosperity and societal well-being in the Orlando region by 2045. 

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The future of the Orlando region is being shaped through a 20-year visioning project called Orlando 2045. This collaborative effort, spearheaded by the Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP), with expertise provided by NEXT Generation Consulting (NGC), aims to chart a course for the region’s economic prosperity and competitiveness by 2045.

Led by David G. Brown of NGC, the project aims to consider what is needed to extend Orlando’s economic base and national reputation. The NGC team, along with OEP staff and community leaders, is examining demographics, business trends, and other prevailing economic winds to strategize how the three-county Orlando metro area can grow its economy, best serve its expanding population, and otherwise position itself for the midpoint of the 21st Century.

“The Orlando region already has several significant advantages,” Brown said. “The University of Central Florida, based in Orange County, is a national powerhouse in higher education with the second-highest enrollment of any public university in the country. A growing network of high-speed rail connects Orlando to South Florida and, in the future, the West Coast. There’s a well-established economic base of healthcare, sports, video game development, education, and tourism. The growing population is increasingly diverse; by 2045, two-thirds of the population will be people of color.”

All are important considerations in mapping a community growth strategy for the future.

David G. Brown, NEXT Generation Consulting

Tim Giuliani, President and CEO of the OEP, said consensus is the key to success.

“We invite all stakeholders to actively participate in this critical endeavor. As we go through this seven-month process, we’ll be imagining and putting together plans and milestones and thinking about all the things we want to leave to our children and their children,” he said.

Without a clear vision, we can be very well-intentioned. But if all the arrows point in different directions, and there is not a North Star that we can all align towards, how will our efforts add up?

Tim Giuliani, President and CEO, Orlando Economic Partnership

The visioning process relies on input from various stakeholders and government partners in the Orlando area, including a steering committee led by OEP Vice Chair Harold Mills, CEO of VMD Ventures, and other business leaders, chambers of commerce, nonprofits, and others. Representatives of these groups will respond to surveys, attend meetings and workshop activities, and eventually narrow their ideas down to achievable strategies to help the metro area grow into the place it wants to be. A steering committee is directing these efforts.

For instance, an activity known as “the Big Sort” will summon a broad range of community leaders and up-and-comers to discuss and prioritize trends in society, technology, environment, economy, and politics likely to have an impact on the Orlando region by 2045.

The work will consider visionary, expectable, and challenging scenarios ranging from the best to the worst possible outcomes. These exercises can help participants consider opportunities and vulnerabilities they might not have otherwise considered.

Giuliani called upon stakeholders to take the opportunity to “play a pivotal role in sculpting our shared journey towards success.”

Brown and NEXT Generation Consulting are uniquely qualified to conduct this project. Brown served nearly 40 years in leadership positions in economic development and chamber of commerce organizations, the last 19 years as President and CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber.

You can contribute to Orlando’s vision for 2045 by participating in a survey before May 10. Your input is crucial. You can also join The Big Sort workshops on May 22 or May 23 at Camping World Stadium’s Varsity Club, facilitated by the Next Generation team. Space is limited, so register now to secure your spot!


NEXT Generation Consulting was founded and is led by Rebecca Ryan, a well-known futurist, economist, author, and public speaker. Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, the consulting firm specializes in futurist-based projections grounded in research, statistics, trend analysis, and imagination. They serve clients around the country, including private and public entities, chambers of commerce, nonprofits, and others.


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