Press Release

Orlando Economic Partnership Forms the Orlando Tech Council

The Orlando Tech Council will consist of approximately 15 ecosystem entities and companies who participate in council programs, events and oversight that will be available for the community…

Orlando, Fla. — Today, the Orlando Economic Partnership (The Partnership) announced the formation of the Orlando Tech Council. This council comprised of private industry, resource organizations and public partners will develop new programs with the core objectives to strengthen the region’s innovation resources, create new opportunities for companies to scale, and to amplify the region’s success stories raising the global profile of Orlando as a leading community for entrepreneurship and innovation.

“The Tech Council will work to align the efforts of many of the resources and organizations supporting this region’s ecosystem, delivering a neutral platform to collaborate toward our collective goal to elevate the Orlando region’s status as a global leader in entrepreneurship and innovation,” said Partnership President and CEO Tim Giuliani.

“The programs and information shared will be in an effort to increase collaboration among innovation and technology companies of all sizes within the region, attracting more talent and growth to further expand the ecosystem.”

Tim Giuliani, President and CEO, Orlando Economic Partnership

This effort has been inspired by the momentum gained over the past year led by the Orlando Economic Partnership with highlights including Revolution’s Rise of the Rest tour, FL TechMatch, the City of Orlando Technology Community Support Pilot Program, the Automated Vehicles Symposium and the recent Synapse Orlando event aligned with the Creative City Project’s Immerse.

To start, the Orlando Tech Council will consist of approximately 15 ecosystem entities and companies who will each contribute $2,500 sponsorship to participate in the council programs, events and oversight that will be available for the community. Current council members include Massey Services, Informulate, Orlando Magic, NanoPhotonica, Accenture and Red Lobster.

The Council will be led by Orlando Economic Partnership Vice President of Innovation Sheena Fowler with close collaboration with the council of volunteer leaders.

“The Orlando Economic Partnership has seen great results with this past year’s efforts from Rise of the Rest to Synapse Orlando,” said Sheena Fowler. “The formation of the Orlando Tech Council will enable The Partnership to create a formal channel with dedicated funding and staff support to align the efforts of all the entrepreneurial resource organizations under common goals, execute new programs and share information that will elevate the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem connectivity, effectiveness and profile.” 

A steering committee has been established to support the launch of the organization led by Adam Scheinberg, vice president of IT for Massey Services as chair, Rajiv Menon, founder and CEO, Informulate as vice chair, Jeff Lutes, senior vice president of Technology, Orlando Magic as secretary, and Dr. Chris Morton, co-founder and CEO of NanoPhotonica, Lily Wong, Digital Transformation Executive, Accenture and Lou Grande, senior vice president of Information Technology at Red Lobster as executives at large.

“The Partnership is perfectly positioned to successfully carry out the mission of the Tech Council with its depth of expertise and strong track record in supporting the tech community.”

Adam Scheinberg, Vice President of IT for Massey Services

“Meanwhile, the council members will bring their field expertise and business acumen so, when combined, we will propel the next generation of tech leadership for the region forward,” Scheinberg says. For more information on the Orlando Tech Council please contact Laureen Martinez.