Brightline Trains President Patrick Goddard shares how the new rail service from Orlando to South Florida will benefit businesses and the region as well as how Orlando is facilitating growth for economic development

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Brightline Trains

The Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) is launching a campaign targeting new economic development projects that showcases why ‘Orlando Works’ for CEOs and decision makers within our region who share their story of why Orlando is a strong destination for business.

Brightline Trains President Patrick Goddard said the new rail service from Orlando to South Florida has been a project 10 years in the making. The company initially offered service in South Florida and always had plans to expand.

“Florida is a very large and very diverse market,” Goddard said. “We estimate there are about 40 million people on the road between South and Central Florida annually.”

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Brightline Trains CEO Patrick Goddard

Goddard said many travelers dread the drive between Central and South Florida.

“They really don’t want to do it. It’s an inefficient use of time,” he said.

Goddard said he’s proud Brightline Trains can bring this new travel option to the Orlando region.

We’ve been interfacing with the business community here and talking about how Brightline can be an asset for them.

Patrick Goddard, Brightline Trains President

“How we can bring them more guests, how we can connect their business teams together, how we can connect families in the community, how we can connect people to educational institutions, medical facilities,” Goddard said. “There’s been a high level of engagement here in the Central Florida community in the context of delivering this intercity passenger rail system and better connecting Central Florida and South Florida.”

He adds working with local leaders to expand operations has been a smooth process.

“We have found the experience to be first class,” he said. “They have just been instrumental in facilitating the discussions that we’ve needed to have here and some of the arrangements we need to make to bring this project to life in Central Florida.”

Goddard said he has noticed the Orlando region has evolved over the last decade and is focused on facilitating growth for business, economic development and diversification of the types of industries in Central Florida.

It’s not just a tourism town. It has a lot more to offer as it starts to get more engaged in the tech community, the financial services community and other industries.

Patrick Goddard, Brightline Trains President

“There’s a lot more diversity in terms of employment opportunities for people to be in Central Florida,” he said.

The new rail service is an example of the region’s accessibility and connectivity, which makes Orlando Unbelievably Real.

“[Orlando] has become so progressive here and so welcoming for new businesses. We are very, very excited to be a part of it and we’re excited to engage with the business community here in Central Florida as it grows and expands,” Goddard said.

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