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New Nonprofit Tech Organization to Promote and Unite Orlando Tech Ecosystem

INNOVATE ORLANDO, established by Orlando Economic Partnership, City of Orlando, and Orange County, Florida, propels the advancement of startups, technology, and innovation in the region. 

Orlando, Fla. – Today, the Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP), in collaboration with the City of Orlando and Orange County, announces the creation of a new nonprofit organization dedicated to propelling the advancement of startups, technology, and innovation in the Orlando region. INNOVATE ORLANDO aims to further Orlando’s position as the MetaCenter, foster collaboration within the vibrant Orlando Tech Community ecosystem, and execute the “Breakthrough Orlando” 5-year strategic plan to drive growth in Orlando’s tech ecosystem. 

“INNOVATE ORLANDO represents an exciting opportunity to further elevate Orlando’s position as the MetaCenter, the world’s top hub for developing the future of the digital experience,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

The City of Orlando is proud to continue to build on our longstanding partnerships with Orange County Government and the Orlando Economic Partnership and unite our resources to add another dynamic layer to our region’s innovation ecosystem that drives transformational change and attracts top talent, fosters entrepreneurship, and propels our city into the future.

Mayor Buddy Dyer, City of Orlando

“The establishment of INNOVATE ORLANDO aligns with our commitment to cultivating a diverse and resilient economy in Orange County,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings.

By focusing on technology and innovation, we can create new opportunities for our residents and position the region as a global leader in cutting-edge industries.

Jerry L. Demings, Orange County Mayor

Orlando, already renowned for its world-class tourism and entertainment, is increasingly recognized as a leading hub for technology and innovation. To boost this momentum, INNOVATE ORLANDO will serve as a catalyst for technology-driven advancements, leveraging the collective strengths of public and private stakeholders to accelerate innovation and drive economic growth in the region. By convening key partners from government, academia, industry, and the community, INNOVATE ORLANDO seeks to create a united front for positioning Orlando as the MetaCenter at the forefront of technological innovation on a global scale. 

“The Orlando Economic Partnership is thrilled to join forces with the City of Orlando and Orange County to create this dedicated organization,” said Tim Giuliani, OEP President and CEO.

This collaborative effort reflects our shared vision of positioning Orlando as a global hub where technology, innovation, and talent converge to drive progress and Broad-based Prosperity®.

Tim Giuliani, OEP President and CEO

INNOVATE ORLANDO’s primary objective will be leading the implementation of a comprehensive 5-year strategic plan developed by leaders within the Orlando tech and innovation ecosystem to drive growth in Orlando’s thriving tech sectors. Titled “Breakthrough Orlando,” the strategic plan is focused on impacting ten key focus areas including increasing access to capital for Orlando’s start up and growth community, galvanizing our tech ecosystem by developing a cohesive strategy for all specialized partners, chapters, and local associations, working to increase access to incentives and grants to scale our tech local businesses and brands and market the region strategically within a single narrative that defines our digital innovation. 

Aligning stakeholders, resources, and strategies will allow INNOVATE ORLANDO to orchestrate the execution of this ambitious plan and deliver tangible results that position Orlando as a global leader in technology and innovation.  

The first initiative launched by INNOVATE ORLANDO is MetaCenter Global Week, a week-long tech symposium that combines the Synapse Orlando and Immerse Global Summit conferences in a unique partnership. Planned for October 17-19, 2023, the inaugural MetaCenter Global Week will feature top global brands including Amazon, Meta, Google and Sony alongside the Orlando region’s most innovative startups and tech companies. More details and registration information can be found at 

David Adelson, OEP Chief Innovation Officer, will transition from his role to become INNOVATE ORLANDO’s Chief Executive Officer.  

The launch of INNOVATE ORLANDO is a pivotal moment for the Orlando region, marking a bold step toward strengthening the region’s identity as a hub for technology and innovation.

David Adelson, INNOVATE ORLANDO CEO & OEP Chief Innovation Officer

As The MetaCenter, Orlando will foster collaboration, nurture talent, and drive breakthroughs that transform industries and improve the quality of life for its residents.” 

Adelson, an experienced C- level business leader, entrepreneur, and investor has a background in branding, strategic collaboration, and relationship management for global companies. Adelson’s leadership in the technology and innovation space demonstrates a proven record of driving change including the creation of the MetaCenter movement. 

David’s vision and leadership will be instrumental in uniting stakeholders and executing the strategic objectives outlined in the “Breakthrough Orlando” plan.”

Tim Giuliani,
Orlando Economic Partnership President and CEO


“I am honored to lead this groundbreaking nonprofit and work alongside the Orlando Economic Partnership, City of Orlando, and Orange County, Florida in driving technology and innovation in our region. Together, we will cultivate a thriving ecosystem that attracts top talent, fuels entrepreneurship, and positions Orlando as a global leader in cutting-edge industries,” Adelson said.  

“With a diverse talent pool, thriving startup ecosystem, and a supportive business environment, the city has all the necessary ingredients to foster breakthroughs in various sectors.

David Adelson, INNOVATE ORLANDO CEO & OEP Chief Innovation Officer

“The establishment of this new nonprofit signifies a commitment to harnessing these strengths and capitalizing on the immense potential for growth and transformation.” 

For media inquiries, please contact, Jennifer A. Marcial Ocasio, OEP Director of Communications at 407.902.0221 or 

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