The Automated Vehicle Summit proved that when it comes to AV research, testing and deployment, all roads lead to Orlando…

Showcasing the AV Industry

The Orlando Economic Partnership amplified its regional “Orlando. You don’t know the half of it.®” business brand by making a strong case for why Orlando is poised to become the hub for the autonomous vehicle industry during the Automated Vehicles Symposium. The three-day symposium, which hosted 1,000+ thought leaders from around the world, focused on highlighting the Orlando region’s friendly AV regulations, history in space exploration, cluster of defense and aerospace contractors, specialized university research and unified government buy-in. It was an exceptional opportunity for the industry and the world to learn about Orlando’s assets and resources.

View this video to see how it all comes together.

In addition to meeting companies and securing several solid business development leads, the Symposium garnered media coverage for both local and national audiences including:

  • “Move fast and break things” won’t make self-driving cars safe, Quartz
  • Self-driving platoons of trucks are coming to a highway near you, Quartz
  • Florida: The next hotbed of AV tech, Automotive News
  • Where Fla. can prove its AV chops, Automotive News
  • Startup prepares for production of lidar at scale, Automotive News
  • How safe do self-driving vehicles need to be? Automotive News
  • This Lidar is so cheap it could make self-driving a reality, Wired
  • Self-driving safety, talking to robots, Bloomberg
  • Driverless cars are a growing business in Florida, Central Florida News 13
  • Orlando hobnobs with Uber, Toyota, Nissan in push to lead driverless car industry, Orlando Sentinel
  • Autonomous cars: The future is coming – slowly, Orlando Sentinel
  • Here’s what’s behind Orlando autonomous vehicle industry growth, Orlando Business Journal
  • Here’s the latest on this firm’s technology for self-driving cars, Orlando Business Journal
  • Orlando hosts self-driving vehicle conference, Fox 35
  • Testing the tech of the driverless future, WFTV
  • Creating cars of the future, WFTV
  • Automated vehicles moving from science toward assembly line, Florida Politics
  • Velodyne touts lidar advances, autonomous vehicle partnership, Robotics Business Review

In addition, the Orlando Sentinel published guest commentary “Why Orlando is the right place to advance automated-vehicle technology” by Partnership President and CEO Tim Giuliani in the Sunday edition. Journalists from Automotive News and Quartz also conducted interviews with local company, Luminar, along with other experts from our region.

The Partnership extends special thanks to sponsors Luminar, University of Central Florida, BRIDG, SunTrax, FDOT, Central Florida Expressway Authority and all of the public partners who helped show the world Orlando is driving the future of AV technology.