B2B payment processing company Fattmerchant creates a unique partnership to allow clients to sell virtual gift cards.

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Suneera Madhani, Fattmerchant founder and CEO, speaks at a company conference. Photo credit: Steven Madow

As many businesses adapt to decreasing in-person transactions, Orlando-based financial technology company Fattmerchant partnered with Gift Up! to allow its clients to sell virtual gift cards. Gift Up! is waiving its usual 3.49% fee for Fattmerchant’s members’ first $5,000 in gift card sales to provide small businesses with an additional source of revenue during the COVID-19 crisis through a virtual gift card offering and special pricing.

“Both Fattmerchant and Gift Up! are motivated to help SMBs during these unprecedented times,” said Chris Staymates, chief innovation officer at Fattmerchant in a company press release.

New merchants who create accounts in Gift Up! also have the option to select Fattmerchant as their payment processor.

“During this period of uncertainty, most consumers are looking for ways to support the businesses they know and love,” said Lee Tracey, founder of Gift Up!

“Our hope is that by coming together with Fattmerchant to share networks and provide help when it’s most needed, we can make the sale of virtual gift cards easier than ever and lessen the negative financial impact many SMBs are experiencing.”

Lee Tracey, Founder of Gift Up!

Fattmerchant is a credit card processing company located in downtown Orlando. Fattmerchant’s innovative payment technology platform saves its customers an average of 40 percent per month on their credit card processing fees with their subscription-based pricing model.