Success Story

AdTech Company Sonobi Finds Success in Orlando

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Industry: Marketing/ Advertising

Facility Function: Corporate HQ & Engineering

Location: Winter Park

Local Employees: 35

Year Business Started in Orlando: 2013

Total Square Footage: 10,000

Why Orlando?

Orlando might not come to mind first as a prime location for an advertising technology company. With most media buyers located in large media markets like New York and Chicago, many firms in the business tend to also set up shop in these high cost cities. But a growing number of technology companies like Sonobi have found that the benefits of a less competitive talent pool and comparatively low cost of living and doing business in Orlando outweighs the benefits of proximity to high-cost media markets.

In today’s war for STEM talent, a steady pipeline of technical graduates from one of the nation’s largest universities, University of Central Florida (UCF), makes Orlando an ideal hub for tech companies looking to hire and recruit from a diverse pool of engineering talent. Plus, the cultural amenities in Orlando compare favorably with larger cities because of its status as an international destination.


  • Sonobi opened its Orlando office in 2013 in addition to client-facing operations in New York City
  • Sonobi’s digital media technology platform for premium publishers brings greater efficiency, scale, transparency and addressability to real-time advertising. The company has seen year-over-year-profit up 100 percent
  • The company recently completed a private equity transaction with Cohere Capital, allowing it to grow its engineering team and extend its recent market momentum

What’s the Secret to Their Success?

In today’s ultra-competitive environment for talent, Sonobi maintains an edge by taking advantage of the robust tech talent pipeline within Florida’s high tech corridor. The company hires many graduates from UCF and nearby University of Florida (UF), also taking advantage of qualified candidates through the Florida IT Pathways to Success (Flit-Path) Program. This program supports academically talented students with financial need in the IT related disciplines of Computer Science, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering at Florida International University (FIU), UCF, and University of South Florida (USF).

Where Does the Magic Happen?

Sonobi’s offices are in downtown Winter Park, located on the upper floor to a mixed-use retail and office building in the quaint shopping and entertainment district of Hannibal Square. The location provides great options for dining and leisure, a sizeable advantage for the company to remain competitive for top tech talent.

SonobiBuilding1 cropped 3
Sonobi’s office is located in mixed-use development space, giving its employees easy access to great shopping and dining options in Winter Park, Fla.

What’s on the Horizon for the Company?

Into 2021 and beyond, Sonobi plans to continue to set the innovation standard for the adtech industry by leveraging data to create a better digital experience for advertisers and consumers. With its recent investment from Cohere Capital, the company plans to add jobs in the coming year as well as acquire additional companies to complement and enhance its offering to the digital media landscape.

Orlando has the potential to become one of the biggest tech hubs in the South East. When people ask us why we chose Florida as our home base, we have numerous reasons: access to STEM graduates from top universities, great weather, and easy access for travel both national and internationally. We usually spend at least 15 minutes telling them about how Central Florida is ‘more than the mouse’.

Justin Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer at Sonobi